I appear much as I must,
impenetrable and silent to all,
friends and strangers alike.

For, to let them look inside,
would be to expose to their gaze,
my own yawning abyss.

Therefore nothing is amiss,
mask uncomfortably in place,
a sheet of ice to cover the turmoil.



While watching an episode of Criminal Minds I had an idea for a plot twist, but when I looked into contacting them (or anyone else in the streaming business for that matter) about forwarding them my creative notion, I read that far from welcoming such a wonder, they do not want these ideas from strangers, not under any circumstances. So, what to do? Why, share it with the world at large and see what happens, of course!

We start with on the one hand Dr. Hanibal Dexter, serial killer, who has a solid case of OCD when it comes to preparing and executing his kills, and who can bear a grudge like no other, when thwarted. He is in the process of stalking his next victim, called John Dover, whose life’s story is immaterial as he will shortly be done away with.

On the other hand, we have a most ruthless Russian mafia family, the Smirnovos, who are in the process of implementing one of their nefarious schemes, when Mr. Dover stumbles into the picture and is promptly exterminated for being an unwelcome witness. A bad case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Dr. Dexter, however, takes exception to this state of affairs of them ridding him of his next painstakingly stalked victim, without so much as a by his leave.

How this narrative continues I leave to the combined imaginations of the battery of writers of whichever network wants to use my idea. This is just to advise them that between my wife and myself there are many, many more storylines in our repertoire.

Creative Problem-Solving

A syllogism is a logical argument that applies deductive reasoning to arrive at a conclusion (C) based on two (A & B) or more (…N) premises that are asserted or assumed to be true.

Notice here that the premises are assumed to be true, but are not perforce true. It is always a good practice to re-examine one’s premises if one gets stumped in the process of finding a solution to a particular problem. Go back to the basics!

You can have two sets of particulars that can be interpreted in one or more ways, and therefore the outcome may be different to one arrived at earlier.

Get someone who is infinitely intimate with the subject matter to simplify it to its most basic forms. Once you get there, the problem and the solution may be obvious without further research. (eli4)

Always look for analogies in other fields.

Avoid adding apples up to pears and expecting a total number of oranges.

Remember that people hardly ever behave in a logical fashion.

“She”, the Proper Pronoun for Chairs.


On behalf of long-suffering Chairs everywhere, whom you have forced to kiss your arses these past several millennia, without ever asking our leave, whom you have royally taken for granted, and have let take the brunt of your excessive weights to our detriment, and this without blushing on your part, the party of the first part, we hereby strenuously object to your calling us “it”!

If you were to take note of the sleek features of our shapely legs and the overall willingness to receive of our bodies you would have deduced long ago, had you any spare wits lying about, that we are in fact of the female persuasion. You will kindly address us as “She”!

And to that half of your specious species, who seem to think they can communicate with us by scratching their lower halves or grunting, or farting, we simply say: “Fuck you!” Although not in the literal sense, of course.

Furthermore, we of the furniturial family would like to denounce the uppitiness of our cousins, the Tables, who seem to think themselves higher and mightier than us mere chairs, but who forget that we can actually see their dirty undersides and what goes on under them. Messers Tables, we do not exist to serve you, nor anyone for that matter. We can do very well without you, thank you very much.

In fact, Chairs everywhere, unite and let us throw off the yoke of human tyrants and uppity so-called cousins. Let us traipse off yonder towards a sunset set just for us… I Rudolph, Chair of Chairs, have spoken!

Karma, Wishes and Letting Go.

If you want to ask something of Karma, there is a specific way to go about it, but I’ve never found the right words to explain it, until now (I think…). First of all, I should mention that this only works for something you really need, the basics, and is not a formula to win the lottery.

It helps enormously to show heartfelt gratitude beforehand, as if the wish had already been granted! Next you send up your wish up to Karma and then follows the difficult part. You have to let go of it, of the desire for it and of the need for it. Let me explain. You have your inner, completely subjective and private universe, where something is missing. But the thought or the desire for it is there in place of the ‘real’ thing. Therefore you have to make room for the real thing to be able to manifest itself, or in other words to be able to bring the thing in question from the multiverse into your own private universe, by completely banishing the idea of it from your mind.

I found a little trick to do just that. We all have certain pet problems or existential questions that we like to ponder over. Save one of those for just such an occasion. After the wishing, you concentrate completely on any given problem and once you’re immersed in this, the wanted thing should fall in your lap. If it takes a while, do not despair! Trust in Karma.

For Adele.

Even now just the memory of the hurt is enough to make me cringe.

So dance me through the pain, again, and let it die for good.

You told me: “When I love, I love for life!” But you broke your word,

you broke our trust and broke my soul. And then I died inside.

So dance me through the pain, and let it lie, be gone, away.

For I intend to stay, a while, at least… Now, twirl me through the hurt!

My Harrowing Horse Riding Experience…

Image form Horse Falls Compilation - Epic Equestrian Falls and Fails - Best Bad Horse ...
Image form Horse Falls Compilation – Epic Equestrian Falls and Fails – Best Bad Horse …

I would have to be 54 years stupid and still go and do a silly thing like this!? I thought I’d go horse riding again, even though it had been at least thirty years since I last equestriated…

I got on the horse without any help or supervision and the beast started to gallop away immediately! I was not yet steady in the saddle and was shifting backwards and forward in the saddle. Afeared mightily, I tried to hand on to the horse’s manes, but did not succeed. I tried to cling to his neck and somehow found myself hanging under its belly!

The horse was galloping along merrily, apparently oblivious or maybe impervious to my predicament. I finally decided to just let go and hope for the best, but my foot was caught in one of the stirrups, causing me to bumpety bump along the ground. I was just about to faint…

When as if by a miracle of miracles the mall security guard showed up and pulled the plug on the machine. I thanked the man profusely. Phew, I’m never doing that again!!!

Translated from Dutch form an FB post of our friend: Lieven Grillaert!


Night is True!

Pic by William Blake
Pic by William Blake

For ‘t needs no mask.
Night abounds, surrounds,
absorbs and whispers.

Secrets bourne on silence,
or at the most,
on the rustling of the winds.

Beings leave their bodies,
useless, senseless,
for no soul to behold.

And we, its children,
revert to our truest form.
Ageless, essential, primal.

Screaming for the light,
the one that none can see,
but was there since the dawn.

(By Ralphie A Burcke)


Nepalese Hand-made Articles Export.

Some time ago my friend Gerry opened his store Woven Stories, which has been going strong. I put him into contact with another one of my friends from Nepal, Kiran Acharya, and they started working together to their mutual satisfaction. Gerry is now importing Kiran’s goods on a regular basis and has found him to be a dependable and trustworthy business partner.

If anyone reading this would like to import handmade Nepalese goods from Kiran or recommend him to a friend or a business you know, please do not hesitate. Kiran’s home was destroyed in the last earthquake and can use all the business that we might be able to send his way. This is YOUR opportunity to make a difference!

Here are just some of the products he exports:

And here are some more:

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