Karma, Wishes and Letting Go.

If you want to ask something of Karma, there is a specific way to go about it, but I’ve never found the right words to explain it, until now (I think…). First of all, I should mention that this only works for something you really need, the basics, and is not a formula to win the lottery.

It helps enormously to show heartfelt gratitude beforehand, as if the wish had already been granted! Next you send up your wish up to Karma and then follows the difficult part. You have to let go of it, of the desire for it and of the need for it. Let me explain. You have your inner, completely subjective and private universe, where something is missing. But the thought or the desire for it is there in place of the ‘real’ thing. Therefore you have to make room for the real thing to be able to manifest itself, or in other words to be able to bring the thing in question from the multiverse into your own private universe, by completely banishing the idea of it from your mind.

I found a little trick to do just that. We all have certain pet problems or existential questions that we like to ponder over. Save one of those for just such an occasion. After the wishing, you concentrate completely on any given problem and once you’re immersed in this, the wanted thing should fall in your lap. If it takes a while, do not despair! Trust in Karma.

More Zaniness.

  • Today’s popular tunes are like elevator music raised to a high fart.
  • Today’s music is sublime in its moment of discontinuance.
  • Just saw a video about a ‘sexy car’. Does one drive that wearing a condom?
  • I’m bringing out a new drug, called Pandora, to take when you have a mild headache. Side effects: strokes, heart failure and might possibly be infected with bubonic plague. Otherwise perfectly healthy. FDA approved!
  • How would you cure a ukulele addiction?
  • Grandad is up to his geriatricks again! 😀
  • “Always look a gift horse in the mouth!” Trojan dictum.
  • The chair just sat there, pretending to be a sofa and failing miserably.

Living in the Moment.


Today I wanted to live in the moment. The first one was ok, the second one was better, the third one stank, as moments go. I tried to get back to the second one, but it was gone and then I got lost, so I decided to live yesterday all over again. It’s more predictable and the end was fun.

For Adele.

Even now just the memory of the hurt is enough to make me cringe.

So dance me through the pain, again, and let it die for good.

You told me: “When I love, I love for life!” But you broke your word,

you broke our trust and broke my soul. And then I died inside.

So dance me through the pain, and let it lie, be gone, away.

For I intend to stay, a while, at least… Now, twirl me through the hurt!

My Great Big Hunting Dog…


Pic by Droopy Dog Fandub on Youtube

As I was taking my pooch for a walk this morning, I remarked to myself that he seemed to be getting entirely too blimpy for his own good and decided to let him off the lead (we were in the woods) and told him to go hunt for himself for his brunch. He barked an: “Aye, aye, Sir!” and sped off to the nearest tree and started sniffing and circling it, not realising that treat trees are out of season! (silly dog…) He finally got so disgusted with the tree’s reply to his en-‘treat’-y that he lifted his hind leg and pissed against it. “Serves him right!”, he barked. Next he stopped a rabbit and tried to threaten it into revealing the whereabouts of its eating bowl, but lucked out again, as the rabbit fell over stupefied.

He did get directions to the nearest supermarket from a passing turkey and took me there post haste. I lost sight of him as he was stalking a roast chicken, which had been waylaid by a fellow hunter, after he whispered to me, droolingly: “Hunt your own, manling!” (I guess in actuality he was stalking the hunter, but I won’t belabour the point) I found him again at the checkout, where he told me that apparently I had to pay a fee for his hunting permit. It was either that or leave half a leftover chicken behind for the scavengers. I was rather proud of my great big hunting dog and dutifully forked over the fee!

My Harrowing Horse Riding Experience…

Image form Horse Falls Compilation - Epic Equestrian Falls and Fails - Best Bad Horse ... youtube.com

Image form Horse Falls Compilation – Epic Equestrian Falls and Fails – Best Bad Horse …

I would have to be 54 years stupid and still go and do a silly thing like this!? I thought I’d go horse riding again, even though it had been at least thirty years since I last equestriated…

I got on the horse without any help or supervision and the beast started to gallop away immediately! I was not yet steady in the saddle and was shifting backwards and forward in the saddle. Afeared mightily, I tried to hand on to the horse’s manes, but did not succeed. I tried to cling to his neck and somehow found myself hanging under its belly!

The horse was galloping along merrily, apparently oblivious or maybe impervious to my predicament. I finally decided to just let go and hope for the best, but my foot was caught in one of the stirrups, causing me to bumpety bump along the ground. I was just about to faint…

When as if by a miracle of miracles the mall security guard showed up and pulled the plug on the machine. I thanked the man profusely. Phew, I’m never doing that again!!!

Translated from Dutch form an FB post of our friend: Lieven Grillaert!


Night is True!

Pic by William Blake

Pic by William Blake

For ‘t needs no mask.
Night abounds, surrounds,
absorbs and whispers.

Secrets bourne on silence,
or at the most,
on the rustling of the winds.

Beings leave their bodies,
useless, senseless,
for no soul to behold.

And we, its children,
revert to our truest form.
Ageless, essential, primal.

Screaming for the light,
the one that none can see,
but was there since the dawn.

(By Ralphie A Burcke)


Nepalese Hand-made Articles Export.

Some time ago my friend Gerry opened his store Woven Stories, which has been going strong. I put him into contact with another one of my friends from Nepal, Kiran Acharya, and they started working together to their mutual satisfaction. Gerry is now importing Kiran’s goods on a regular basis and has found him to be a dependable and trustworthy business partner.

If anyone reading this would like to import handmade Nepalese goods from Kiran or recommend him to a friend or a business you know, please do not hesitate. Kiran’s home was destroyed in the last earthquake and can use all the business that we might be able to send his way. This is YOUR opportunity to make a difference!

Here are just some of the products he exports:

And here are some more: