Before Night Falls.

Fall Foliage

Fall Foliage (Photo credit: jdn)

Before night falls,
before the end of day,
oh, my dear Lord,
please listen to my prayer!

Tomorrow is another day.
I must go, I can not stay.
Oh, my dear Lord,
please show me the way!

I will follow the morning star.
Never fear, go back nor cry.
Oh, my dear Lord,
I will follow the morning star.

Forgive me, my dear Lord,
for these days just passing by.
It is not easy to find new passion,
when you leave your love behind.

By Wolf, Avignon 2004.


Detail from Painting "The Cyclops"

Detail from Painting “The Cyclops” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The freckled Cyclops

looks down

from the night skies



I avert my gaze.

God’s creatures huddle together

in fear.

Who will be the next


The Wolf knows

and cries.

I shiver,


Camino Memento – Wolf!

In the middle you see a German called Wolf(aswell), who has magical hands and healed my friend Florian´s(who took the picture) knees, the guy on the left´s feet and my back. This man has spent an eternity on the Camino already and is known by everyone. He has even treated disbelieving medical doctors(until they experienced the result, that is) and is also mentioned in the guidebooks. On the right is some lazy bum, who just happened to be there.

from my new friend Florian



I was born in a land where shadows grow

I can lead you trough the valley of the dead

when you see me just give me a smile…

…and please don’t be afraid!


There call me the wolf

’cause in twilight I arrive

’cause I can see trough the dark…

…and I know how to survive!


Come with me on the road again

continue playing your role

travel and play the best you can

keep on rocking and fuck them all!