The Naked Crone )O(

The Naked Crone
Knows too much
Cares and Cannot care
A cape of fog
Dropped in delight
She leaps naked~above and below
Licking the flames
Bells on her fingers and toes
Cauldron Bellied
Star Eyed
Warm wand hands
Fired up
Twisting, bending
Glowing, knowing, teaching
learning and growing~

From The Hill~ A Witchy Poem~

I am calling from the hill
Feel me now, and feel me real

Take my hand and come my way
Know my heart by night and day

Save your body and save your soul
Save yourself, so you’ll grow old

Feel Her rain and feel Her heat
In your head and in your feet

Feel Her Love and run to Her
Feel Her power within you stir

Know Her well and Know Her deep
Hear Her singing you to sleep

Come to me and sing my song
Love me sweet and love me long

Come see the moon, we’ll gaze at stars
Light the candles, stoke the fires

Stir the cauldron, ring the bell
Close the book and wish all well

From the hill I’ve called you dear
Come to me, I want you near~