The Silver Winged One~

The Silver Winged One~ Your energy came and visited me today~ You appeared in watery colors of blue and silver grey~ You didn’t speak in words, words just wouldn’t suffice~ No no, you spoke in oceans and stars, in sunshine and in ice~ As you were leaving, I surveyed your magick trail~ Lovely winged grace […]

My Cold Friend~

Brown birds at the window, black cats upon the ledge~ Gray squirrels skipping tree limbs and creatures in the hedge~ Winter straw and barren fields freezing in the dale~ Candle light and raisin cakes part the dewy veil~ Welcome my cold friend, I’m jumping in my seat~ The dark time is upon us, the earth […]

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery (and Author’s Ridge)

Witches in Sleepy Hollow ~ wandering in the mist We mourned upon your gravestones in sorrows twisted bliss We lurked within your cabin and gazed upon your pond Your spirits brushed across our souls and settled in our wand Oh the prose you’ve gifted us, wise and wondrous all Standing in the morning mist, I […]

May Day – Calan Mae – Beltane.

May Day is traditionally celebrated when the May blossom appears on the Hawthorn trees. Hawthorn is an important tree spiritually – surrounded by myth and legend. Oak, Ash and Hawthorn are the three sacred celtic trees. The most famous Hawthorn in Britain is the Glastonbury Thorn. Legend has it that Joseph of Arimathea arrived in […]

Witches and Writers

 If you are like me, you want your life to mean something more than an accumulation of days and nights passing in a melancholy blur of mundane tasks that embroil nothing more meaningful than the biological performance of breathing in and out.  If you are like me, you want more, you want joy, you want meaning, […]