~Love Incantation for 2013~

Gaze into the dark of night Hold a golden candle’s light Now close your eyes in silent prayer That love will find you anywhere Do no harm, and feel no doubt That never will you live without By earth, by air, by water, fire and spirit Be open to love and do not fear it! […]

~The Magick of Renewable Passion~

It’s easy to be passionate with a new lover, but being passionate with one lover for life merits a little “practical magick” on the part of both individuals in my opinion. Since human beings are not designed to remain in a perpetual state of physical, spiritual and emotional arousal, we must consider the art of […]

Evolution of the Site!

There used to be just me(Ralphie) on this site, bringing you my humorouus Tittbits, but I must say it got a bit lonely on my lonesome. Fortunately though, I happen to have some awesome friends, who one by one agreed to join me and together we strive to make this site a place that people […]