Official: Swaziland witches can’t fly above 150 meters!

From Swazi witches flying on broomsticks will have to stay below 150 meters or face  penalties, according to an aviation official. By KRISTEN BUTLER, Witches’ broomsticks are apparently  heavier-than-air airborne transportation devices, subject to Swaziland’s  aviation laws. After a private detective was arrested for flying a toy helicopter equipped  with a video camera, […]

The Witches Familiar And The Movie

There is much folklore and legend associated with the Witches Familiar or The Familiar Spirit. I will leave the research up to you and speak from my heart. For me, “A Familiar” is simply a witch’s truest friend.  Witches have long been known for their deep association and fondness for their animals. My strong suspicion […]

A Witch In Deed!

Just the evening before last, a good and devout local widow woman came up to me in the grocery store and asked me a question.  She asked me this question in a  blusterous, nervous, accusatory kind of way that went something like this… “Sheila, I feel stupid asking such a thing, but, it is rumored that you are a […]