Why is Chocolate a Salad?

Chocolate Extravaganza!

Why is Chocolate a Salad?
Let me turn this into a ballad:

Chocolate comes from nuts.
You can ask this of any klutz,
that nuts, they grows on trees,
with Polly, Nate and all the bees!

Now, bees, they suck on any plant,
so would I, I would, but can’t!
Because my lips is too big…
As if you would really give a fig!

Figs and plants make up a salad,
which is the whole point of this ballad.

But chocolate is so very versatile.
To ‘splain might take a while…
‘scuse me while I wipe my mouth,
for another chunk ‘s just gone south!

Chocolate bars and chocolate soap,
chocolate smokes, I should so hope!
Chocolate milk and a chocolate dud,
why not a chocolate Elmer Fudd?

How does chocolate mayo sound to you?
Two squirts of this dressing for you too?
Will you have this chocolate waltz with me?
One, munch, munch, two munch, munch, three?

Yes, chocolate is definitely a salad.
You can dance it like a waltz or a ballad.