Falling water,
twists around itself,
to catch every minute ray,
and stare dumb and found
at the rainbow
it creates.

Water still and mute,
entices mighty Moon,
to enter its hallowed being,
for to whisper secrets,
as foretold by the heavens,
of the weaving of time.

Water rushes onwards,
screaming mad with fury,
at the injustice of it all,
to eradicate the slate,
and start anew and wait,
limpid clear as before.


Billboard in Peru Produces Water out of Thin Air.

From BigThink.com:

What would a great ad for a university of technology be? An ad, that itself, solves a problem through technology. This is exactly what the University of Engineering and Technology of Peru and their ad agency Mayo DraftFCB have done – the first billboard in the world to make drinking water out of thin air and alleviate the lives of Peru’s people.

Trying to inspire young people to pursue careers in engineering, the university and ad teams decided to show how technology can be used to solve local problems. One such problem in Lima is the lack of running water. Due to the extremely dry climate with an annual precipitation of less than 1 inch, most people draw water from wells that are often polluted. On the other hand, the atmospheric humidity in Lima approximates 98%. Keeping the needs of their community in mind, and using the context to their advantage, the two teams combined creativity and know how to come up with the first billboard in the world that produces drinking water out of air.

The billboard works through a reverse osmosis system, capturing the air humidity, condensing and purifying the water, and filling it up in 20 lt. tanks. In 3 months the billboard has produced 9450 lt., making hundreds of familes happy and eager to see similar systems in other towns.



Falling light,
transported by water,
impossible to catch,
plays tricks with my senses.

If a drop falls,
does the light drop with it?

Each drop,
caught by the light,
mirrors its neighbour,
dazzling me.

A painter’s nightmare.
An observer’s delight.
I give up the fight and enjoy.

But still, in my mind’s eye,
the light falls,
and I catch it,

Water, Beware!

Flying Fish

Flying Fish (Photo credit: T Hall)

Water shows no respect for form,
icy cold or pleasantly warm.
It’s impolite in this respect.
A reprimand has no effect!

It flows downhill willy-nilly,
but not up! Isn’t that silly?
No respect for country or flag.
Not one iota. What a drag!

I will not be told what to do.
And doesn’t get scared, if you go: “Booh!”
You heat it up, it flies away.
There’s not a lot more one can say!

Please, WordPress, These People Need Help!!!

By: TigerLillyxxx On Experience Project:

1) Many people are trapped in high rises.
No food, water, and heat.
Extraction teams need to deploy NOW.
2) New York needs WATER.
6 to 10 Semi loads of water ASAP.
This info comes from contacts of friends
who have been called pleading for this help.
Anyone who can make this happen…
do so now please.

Please forward this info to all on your list:
I just spoke with a Sheriff friend in DE this is what he is reporting:
DE is fine, South NJ is fine, North NJ is NOT fine, NYC is not fine, Long Island is NOT fine. 4 wheel drive vehicles would be very helpful and human help are needed desperately. They are having problems with electrical, sewer, gas lines – this is where people can help. Now, they do need water, food and clothing and with a Nor’Ester coming, warm clothing but manpower is and will be most appreciated. If 20 or 30K people show up this would be great!!!!!!!
Per Jeff, ANYONE OR ANY GROUP that heads up north is to call the designated county that they want to go to and call that Sheriff’s Dept. they will advise where the most help depending on what load you have, i.e. 4 wheel drive, no 4 wheel drive but water, no water but food. People are a must!!!!!!!!

Please note that needs change on a daily basis, so if someone calls and they are directed to a certain location that may not be the same location once they arrive if they are spending two days on the road to get there. They are set up with the local PD and the PD’s are keeping track of what is needed and where.


Gift of Today

A colder, greyer

day today.

No horizon

out at sea.

No treetops

on the hill.

Sweet scented smoke

swirls between

the beams.

Beads of water –


on the cabbage leaves

as blackbirds carol

and pigeons flap

and fluster.

The treasures

of  today

are laid before me

and I am humbled.

Elements of the Morning

from funsci.com

It is a cold, dark, wet and wintry day.  Outside the wind howls and rain lashes the windows.  Inside I kneel at the hearth worshipping Fire.  The glowing heart of home.  Winter is the season of the element Earth, it is also the season when we look to Fire – the element of Summer.

I honour Fire.

Each day when I rise I wash my hands and face with water.  Cold, clean, running water.  An absolute privilege.  I listen to the water running into the sink,  I watch it bead on the porcelain,  I hold my hands in it, then relish the shock of cold on the skin of my face,  I drink some – my mouth wakes up.

I go to the kitchen – fill a kettle – this time the rumble of Water on metal.   Refill the cat’s bowl – watch water swirl down the plug hole – gurgling now.

I honour Water

I strike a match – watch the flame spark to life – light the gas – a pinky blue flame.

I honour Fire

I unlock the door – step outside – feel the fresh movement of the air.  Look up into the morning sky. I see stars or clouds or the moon or the sun coming up over the trees on the hill.   I hear the birds singing, a dog barking, the wind in the trees.

I honour Air

I replenish the bird feeders with seed, feed the cat, fill a bucket with coal.

I honour Earth

I set coffee to filter, wash my favourite cup.

I honour  Water

I rake out the fireplace, reset the fire,  strike another match

I honour Fire

Now I am ready for my favourite time:

I pour a cup of coffee, put it by my chair.  I choose a candle to light, a joss stick to burn, a crystal to enjoy.   I  make an offering to the fire – some rosemary or orange peel or apple wood.

I begin my day.