Reality is Relative! – Part 2

Abstract Colorful Universe Wallpaper - TTdesign

Abstract Colorful Universe Wallpaper – TTdesign (Photo credit: tomt6788)

In the labyrinth of deliberations with my zany self, I stubbed my mental toe against the following extra-credibilities:

1. It is my opinion that the ONLY surety ever is the changing nature of the universe, of only by the concept of what we call aging. Nothing ever stays the same, because it is pushed along by a force, which we’ll call time. Plus the fact that everything in the universe is interacting with everything it touches, which is only constantly changing.

2. Everything is made up of energy. What is there were two states( or more) of energy in the universe. One is high frequency, which is pure energy and the other is low-frequency, which is matter. Let’s call it base matter, but remember that it is also energy.
If we look at energy as the building blocks of the universe, then matter could be just one type of software to give form to the essence. Our reality is the way in which the software that is our mind reacts with the software of matter.

3. Now comes the tricky part! The way we perceive things is based on a conditional alliance between different frequencies of energy. Therefore, if we change the conditions, we change reality.

4. Light and also time seem to flow in a rectilinear fashion along a certain path and, we think, always in the same direction. but under a different set of conditions, it could behave differently.

5. The question is how!? one might state with a fair degree of confidence that reality is only limited by the limitations of our imagination.


Reality is Relative.

Just saw this 21/08/2013

Just saw this 21/08/2013. From How to Raise Your Vibration

My head was spinning with thoughts about the meaning of the universe and such, as it does sometimes. I am going to give you some of these jumbled-up thoughts and let you make of them what you want:

– Is light the carrier of reality? We see/perceive through light, physically and spiritually.

Each reality depends on our choice, whether to participate in it or not. Whether to shed the light of our thoughts, our attention on it? Interest = inter + esse = to be in the middle of it. (From science: the act of participation changes the outcome of an experiment!)

– The key is still TIME ! Figure out the TRUE nature of time and everything should fall into place.

– Energy in relation to time = reality. Which relation?

– Energy moving through time, moving through energy(moving through time).

– Matter is an illusion: it is a slow-moving construct of fast-moving energy.

– We die and are reborn every instant, but so does everything around us and everything interacts.

– Matter = energy – slow
– Thoughts + choice = energy – fast
– Light = energy – faster
– Time = ???

– Choice is a change [in direction of energy]=reality?
– Energy transformation through interaction with other transforming energy?

– Matter is an always transforming(from one form to another) construct of energy?

Thoughts are energy
Actions are determined by choice
choice moves [matter]=energy
Energy interacting with energy

The hole is whole.
The hole needs no repairing.
Does the shoe need repairing?
That is choice.
The shoe is irrelevant.
The reparation is irrelevant.
The choice is void!
Denounce the importance of matter.
Matter is irrelevant.

– What is the sound of one hand clapping? Whatever you choose it to be!

– Choice causes a shift of energy. If the Universal energy is constant, balance is automatically restored through relocation in space/time of energy. [= Karma]

The entire universe has changed, because I have changed. My choice changed reality.

I Will Be.

Cosmic dust of the Andromeda Galaxy as reveale...

Cosmic dust of the Andromeda Galaxy as revealed in infrared light by the Spitzer Space Telescope. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. Time is a riddle:

About a year ago I asked myself the question: what is time? I told myself that the answer to this riddle is the key to innumerable mysteries. My subconscious has been working on this enigma ever since and I have finally seen a light at the end of the tunnel. I have come to some conclusions that befuddle me even more.

2. I am legion:

Some time ago I wrote: I am not, I never was and I will be… forever changing. I am a million persons to a million different people and more. I am a galaxy of swirling neurons, etc. in my own right. I am a purely subjective and changing perception of myself to myself. I am less than a speck of dust in relation to the enormity of the universe.

3. Relativity:

No thing is nothing and everything exists in relation to everything else. The abstract notion of 3 in a universe of 10 is not the same as 3 in a universe of 11. 3 changes all the while in relationship to an endless universe of numbers. I am a part of Andromeda, in the sense that I am an ever-changing energy being that is in physical contact with the universe, which includes Andromeda, which is also ever-changing, as is everything in between.

4. The times they are a-changing:

Everything, everywhere that was in the past is gone and will never return. It is forever being replaced by an ever-changing future. When we see a mountain, then the range that was there a hundred thousand years ago is gone forever through erosion and so forth, but so it is with everything. When we see a chair, the chair that was there a minute ago is gone to be replaced by an older chair in a newer future. This chair is also slowly decaying and undergoing any number of forces, such as gravity, magnetism, etcetera.

The present tense as we know it, the now, makes no sense either, because there is no point in time that can be caught or frozen, except in our inaccurate memories or fantasy. The only reality is change. We, and everyone and everything in the universe, are defined by our relationship to everyone and everything else in the universe, which is constantly changing. When we say that we live in the now, we are merely conscious of the changing nature of all things and are sharing in it.

5. Labels are lies:

A line is not a line, for it is a collection of dots between point A and point B that can NEVER be taken out of context of the whole and as the whole is ever-changing, the line changes with it. Remember that the places where point A and B are located in the universe are forever moving with that shifting universe. On Earth, they would move through rotation of the planet, which circles around the Sun, etcetera. And it goes even further than that. If you assume that the universe is expanding, then both points would be forever expanding with it.

Labels are an attempt to force order on the universe or to freeze-frame it and does not work. It’s like naming one grain of sand on the coast of the continent of Africa. Remember the parable about the pond forever changing with the pebble that was thrown into it? It goes further than that! The pond is a lie, a mental construct that exists only in our minds. In reality the pond is a cosmos in itself, full of living organisms and eroding walls, taking on more moisture or evaporating it all the while.

6. Jehovah:

The proper name of God in Hebrew translates into ‘I will be’ or in other words: ‘I, the whole of the universe, am forever changing’! I, the author, doubt everything but change. I have only questions and only one measly answer, which may be untrue aswell. Blessed be.

Lifting the Veil of Illusion


Quantum-atom (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Looks like a boob to me!

From Unlocking the Science of Spirit.

When we see a situation or a thing, what is it that we see?  A thing is itself, of course, some philosophers would say.  Yet, what we see is what we interpret through our eyes, and what we experience is a function of mental cognition and the operation of our senses.  Using the example of accepting the physical world only, we can show that what one sees is not necessarily an objective physical truth:  think about color blindness or dyslexia.  Our nerves sense stimuli from that which they are designed to sense, and they send a signal through the body for the brain to interpret and then enter into consciousness.  We only know that something is true if we are conscious of what it is that we are perceiving.  So, what about the amputee of a leg that feels their limb and yet has none?  You may point out that these are extreme examples, but they are not.

The entire experience of our physical life, among other things, is based upon the animation of atoms, elements, plants, animals and the vessel we call our body.  We say animation, because quantum physics has shown that everything that exists in the physical reality has been shown to be a unified field of oscillating waves.  Whether alive, or inanimate, everything is in constant movement.  Behind all movement is force, or life force.  The primal essence that makes a being alive physically is different than that of an atom, but life its very self is dependent on the atom being in motion.  Simply, there is no such thing as stillness in the physical realm of existence.

What we see is not what we get.  We cannot see, with our naked eyes, inside an atom, or a single cell protozoan.  There is an entire universe in every element or form of life and its respective subcomponents.  Limiting reality to the physical senses and to a logical interpretation of the seen is wholly inadequate from which to judge or innovate in the world we live.  Semiconductors, optical science, radio waves, nano-technology, bio-technology, chemistry, biology and many other fields are based on knowledge of the unseen.

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Intuition, Connecting With The Soul!

From Eric Greenberg.

The physical world teaches us five primary senses – sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. These are the senses of our body, and they serve as ways to perceive the physical world. Too often, that is all people listen to, or think is real.

The body, despite being physical, houses other senses, some of which seem hidden. But, nothing is hidden when we open our self to greater levels of awareness and consciousness. The sixth sense is intuition, a most powerful gift and tool.

Intuition is our ability to sense, understand, and know through feeling and cognition, without any measurable or apparent physical evidence to the five physical senses. Intuition is what we just ‘know’ without even understanding why or how. Intuition is knowledge from Spirit, which nests in the heart, and it comes from our Soul speaking to us, through us.

We live within our Soul, which seems paradoxical, but is not. We are in the body, and the Soul, of course, rests in that. But what is it that animates the body? The Soul, and the body must be within its web of life force in order to be animated.

Intuition is our Soul’s way of guiding us. It leads to higher possibilities, and to protection and warning as well. The guardian Angel people talk about is the Soul manifested into a modality in which people can receive communication that they can relate to. It is not bound by the physical dimensions of time and space, and it gives us messages that transcend.

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Child of God’s Creation

A billion stars
a cosmic birth
the dawn of time beginning
The sun and moon
the mother earth
were orbiting and spinning
The universe
became aligned
with stellocentric motion
The ancestors
of humankind
came crawling from the ocean

The neutron stars
the orbs of space
were throbbing in pulsation
The realms of time
the human race
the child of God’s creation
The angels sang
a lone white dove
flew down from Heaven’s gate
We could have reaped
the fruits of love
instead we nurtured hate

The virgin birth
the chosen one
we crucified our chance
The holocaust
the nuclear sun
we made the devil dance
The art of war
the genocide
the dark eternal night
If you believe
God’s on our side
let’s hope that you are right