I am a Seeker.


I am a seeker of dreams, an examiner of veils, of hopes and inspirations. It is the quest that I enjoy the most. I would like to aspire to nothing at all. I try to keep the wonder alive, to enjoy without ambition and to create some minor things of  beauty. And I try to be kind, to see the best in people.

If along the way I should decide to fight some windmills, so much the merrier. Is that not what they are there for, those wicked fiends? I am always fighting not to take myself too seriously and so I play the fool. I would ask of you one boon: If some day I declare that I have found THE answer, the definitive truth, then please kick me rather forcefully up the behind and tell me to think again.

Many folks do like to label and to them I say: label all you want, but labeling me does not make me so, for I am me, plain old Ralphie and that suffices for yours truly. There is something specific that I would like: I’d like to meet many more kind souls. Is that too much to ask? Namaste from Ralphie!


Elegant Souls~

Walden Pond (Photo credit “Kate Sparrow”)

A truly elegant soul never gives or lives a mixed message. Period.