Tiny Bit of Publicity! – LOL


Alicante (Photo credit: Jose F. Caro)

I was walking past a bar here in Alicante and saw a notice board on the wall, where somebody had written:

“Customers wanted, no experience needed!”

That made me chuckle somewhat.


Camino Memento – Wolf!

In the middle you see a German called Wolf(aswell), who has magical hands and healed my friend Florian´s(who took the picture) knees, the guy on the left´s feet and my back. This man has spent an eternity on the Camino already and is known by everyone. He has even treated disbelieving medical doctors(until they experienced the result, that is) and is also mentioned in the guidebooks. On the right is some lazy bum, who just happened to be there.

from my new friend Florian

Unsubscribe to the Stress-factor on Travel.

A symbol depicting a palm tree.

A symbol depicting a palm tree. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With spring here again most people will start thinking about their annual holiday, to relax after a hard year’s work. But what should be a trouble-free episode often turns out to be a stressful time. Let us dissect the travel experience into its composite parts and see what we can do to avoid problems.

12 gold nuggets on how to avoid stress during your holiday.

The first part of any trip is deciding where to go. As hardly anybody travels alone, it is imperative that all parties are in agreement on the destination and on how to spend your time there. Communication is the key!

The times being what they are, it is a good idea to calculate what the budget will be for your trip and take care not to exceed this, by making a list of planned expenditures. If after running through this list, you find that the cost of a planned trip would be prohibitive, then scrap it and start from scratch.

If you have the opportunity to travel out-of-season and to book early this will also reduce the cost.
The internet provides you with an excellent tool for planning and checking every aspect of your trip. Planning ahead will save money and hassle. It is basically half the battle against stress won!

To go sightseeing you will perforce have to travel within the city or region of your choice. Check an online city or regional map for the location of your hotel, to see whether it is close to public transportation. Acquaint yourself with the map before you get there.

But having said this, it would a good idea to walk whenever possible as this is healthy and less cumbersome. It leaves you time to soak up the atmosphere and really get to know the culture and the people.

Whatever the length of your trip, you will not be able to see all that one place  has to offer and truly enjoy it. Choose what is most important to you and give yourselves a realistic time span for the visits.
Contact Tourist Information before you leave and check everything online!

Do not leave your home unprotected. The ideal would be to get a trusted person to house-sit for you and have them take care of pets, plants, etc… A robbery or another mishap would spoil your holiday for sure!

Try to travel as light as possible and double-check before leaving the door that every person has the necessary documents on him or her. Traveling light avoids long waits in airports, customs and such! Ask yourself if the kitchen sink is really necessary?

Health tips: a.) If you use medication, make sure you have enough and get a doctor’s statement to provide to customs and renewal upon loss. b.) If you are traveling to a hot climate, remember to use sun block and drink enough water! c.) Upon(or even before, internet!) arrival ask for emergency phone numbers. It always pays to be prepared! d.) Drink in moderation…

Safety tips: a.) Rent a hotel safe and only take as much money as you need on any given day. b.) Never leave valuables unattended! c.) Always travel in pairs or more.

Leave yourselves two days after you get back, to acclimatise and sort out any small problems that may have arisen while you were away.

Last but not least: always pack your smile and a good dose of common sense!

No list is exhaustive, but I hope that I covered the most important stuff. Enjoy your holidays!

P.S.: Another article on travel by Ralphie A Burcke on Hubpages.com is
Fuengirola, Pleasure Hub!

Travel Guides

Travel Guides (Photo credit: Vanessa (EY))

Welcome to WordPress Anonymous!

from STooPid MonKey, very apt

It has come to my attention(somehow??) that I am not the only one who is hopelessly addicted to blogging on WordPress.com! My question, Ladies and Gentlemen, did they post a warning, when they invited you to join, stating that blogging could be detrimental to your mental health(such as it was…)? They did not! In fact they keep on adding new maddeningly fun attractions and hooters(?) and bells to the platform, with merriwinckles aforethought, with the express intent of keeping us all here for even longer than we were wont already. Pretty soon there will not be enough hours in a  day for us to satisfy our grave addiction!

Rumours have reached these, my very ears stating for a fact, for it was blogged!, that many individuals have lost house and home through overzealous blogging and are now reduced to posting from public libraries… One shudders just to think of it! There is one area in particular one should steer clear of at all costs and that is the META section of one’s blog—- Meta is a substance, which has serious side-effects. Once you are into that then you start experiencing horrifying stuff such as blogrolls that turn into a spin that goes out of all control! We’Re DOOMED, I tell ye!!

It is to help all the poor wretches, who are thus afflicted, that I have taken it upon myself to create WordPress Anonymous. Attached to this blog you will find a section: “Contribute to Ralphie’s Travel Fund”, please do so at your earliest convenience. I am not being facetious, Ladies and Gentlemen! When I have amassed enough funds, I shall sacrifice myself and take my overblogged carcass to the Bahamas to do some extensive testing to ascertain if recovery is at all possible. This testing may take a while. Please bear with me! Do not be stingy for I shall need at least three voluptuous lasses to try to nurse me back to my normal zany self. Quite a task for these yunmy ladies, let me tell you!

I have taken medical advice and my doctors assure me that only the hautest cuisine can possibly bring me back, coupled with the intake of beverages of the finest vintage. No expense shall be spared to find a cure for the myriads of sufferers of the Blog Syndrome. Yours truly shall be the guinea pig(no comments, please!) it’s a thankless job, but somebody has to undertake it! Should I perish whilst trying, then please remember me fondly. Now get out your checkbooks and let the Bucks roll.