Still Standin’! – Pause

About three or four years ago, I met my friend Nigel, who’s a busker in Andalusia, Spain and we started counting, which of our friends and acquaintances had fallen by the wayside in just one year’s time. We stopped counting when we came to thirty. The street is a very hard place to live and an […]

Leaving Barcelona…

I´m leaving Barcelona, intent on starting a lucky streak, in search of my very own Shangrila. Somewhere in the mountains of Galicia, in proximity to the sea, I hope to find it. A haven of safety to call home for the rest of my days, surrounded by friendly, peace-loving people, who will accept me for […]

Witches Rock – Costa Rica

  Witches Rock – Santa Rosa National Park, Costa Rica. This one is for you, Gran! Lovely photograph(not this one!). Related articles White Faced Capuchin Monkey – Costa Rica ( Costa Rica ( Too Cute! Baby Sloths, A Documentary on Costa Rica Sloth Sanctuary (

Travel Guide to Spain?

Feel free to ask any questions, that could make your stay in Spain easier or more enjoyable!? Just to start us off: – Post office boxes are yellow and are marked “Correos”. – Instead of the habitual British fare, do try some tapas(snacks) or regular Spanish food. – In most places you will NOT find […]