All About Lemon Is Beautiful And Versatile…Yay, Toothsome! And You Are Loved!

And you are beautiful in mind and in everything, me dear! Thank you ever so much.

allaboutlemon-All Around, In, And Out Of My Own Universe

Thank you so much Jeff for my 15th Versatile Blogger Award.
I am truly honored and happy for this.

 Jeff Whelan

Jeff is one of the players in my Art Game.
He is happily married  for almost 16 years now
to Amy of Youthful Yogini, another brilliant Art Game player.
Awesome couple isn’t it?

Jeff is the author  of this book-

Humorous YA Sci Fi Adventure

Feel free to visit Jeff’s space  and see his world 🙂

And I am telling you.  You’d surely enjoy reading his 7 things.

Okay there are some rules for this award and to see details about them, just click here or just click the image below:

Two Beautiful Ladies just nominated All About Lemon
for the Beautiful Blogger Award.
Toothsome, isn’t it!

  •   silentlyheardonce
    Kim who is also one of the players in my Art game and one of the Haiku Lovers too!

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Thanks to the Goddess

For the chain of days –

The jewel mornings –

pearl, ruby and emerald,

I thank the Goddess.

For the beauty of bird song,

the wind in the trees,

the swallows on the way to Rhuddlan,

I thank the Goddess.

For the sunlit waters of the Traeth,

the crows in the conifers,

and bluebells,

I thank the Goddess.

For the books I’ve been led to,

the green finches and the nuthatch,

the solace of music,

and the joy of my mornings,

I thank the Goddess

A spell to restore you to yourself.


1. Clean your space.

2. Make a natural arrangement that satisfies your heart.

3. Take a scented bath

4. Dress in loose, soft clothes.

5. Heat some apple juice with some slices of ginger to drink.

6. Light some candles and rose incense.

7. Read your favourite poems.

8. Give thanks to the powers you know.

9. Take a nap.