How to spot the International Space Station.

From EarthSky: More than a half a million people have signed up with NASA to receive alerts when the ISS flies overhead. Here’s how: Is it a meteor? Is it a plane? It might be the International Space Station (ISS). Every so often, the ISS becomes visible in the night sky. To us on Earth, […]

Call of the Mighty Wolf! – Pause

From Gypsy Spirit Wind: Do I see shadows of lifetimes past? Do I hear a whisper in the breeze? Do I feel the goddess’ breath? Do I understand the language of the trees? Am I worthy of the divine blessings? Will I work for the infinite good? … Will the elements aid and guide me, […]

Maybe I Should Lay Off the Coffee! – LOL

From I fucking love science In 1995 a group of NASA scientists repeated and refined some earlier tests on the effect that various drugs have on the web building abilities of the common garden spider. They tested the effect of caffeine, benzedrine, marijuana and chloral hydrate and as you can see the results were pretty extreme! […]