Both Grandparents Disappeared!


grandmother_mimi_child (Photo credit: Abraxas3d) – A fraud!

My Grandmother Mimi and my grandfather Alfred, who were both a large part of my life for thirty and forty years respectively, or so I thought, have proven to be a figment of the imagination of quite a number of people. The same goes for my Mum Diane, whom I swore I saw only yesterday, but doesn’t exist. And come to think of it, until recent years I seem to have been a figment of my own imagination. Strange how some things one takes for granted can later on prove to be utter lies.

The truth about these misappropriated and constructed identities was revealed to me only today by two truly enlightened twelve-year-olds. They finally taught me how to distinguish fact from fabrication and trivial rumour mongering. They explained to me the first rule of contemporary proof of existence, which is an article of faith amongst all youngsters;

“Absolutely nothing is real, until it has been posted on Facebook and/or has been tweeted, period!”

At the same time I discovered the secret to everlasting life. Please!, should anyone learn (informally) of my demise in the near or far future, DON’T post it on FB or Twitter, that way the non-confirmation of my offline (and irrelevant) continuance or lack thereof can keep you all in suspense forever.

A Thousand Times.

People Matter

People Matter (Photo credit: Scott Beale)

From geetar39 on Experience project.

A thousand ‘likes’. A thousand comments. A thousand tweets of the same breakfast while we marvel at coincidence.

Because I matter.

Following you following me a thousand times for a thousand disciples; the next more important than the last. A favorite book/song/quote/movie/character/dog leading them to me a thousand times.

Because I matter.

A thousand ‘badges’ and a thousand ‘mayorships’ in a thousand virtual realms where I perch at the top of the mountain of my own making. A thousand fish that got away, a thousand tall tales; all stretching the view into something great.

Because I matter.

I matter.

I matter even while work swirls around me unnoticed and uncaring as my thousand ‘likes’ swim forth with a million others turning a sea of familiarity into an ocean of cacophonic absurdity.

I matter as the search for even more vague and obscure definitions of me become even more meaningless and the friend of a friend of a friend is a more noble conquest than a friend in need.

I matter as my memories gush over and over; reliving the time when and retelling the story when and remembering the special moment when a thousand times as another moment slips into the past.

I matter because a thousand virtual birthday wishes say so even as noone is there to hug me just once but my own wishes fly out ensuring that for a brief moment we are connected a thousand times.

I matter as I copy a thousand times the creation of others connecting to thousands of others whose copies match mine while the spark of creativity dwindles inside my own chest.

I matter while my daughter sits, alone in her room, her own ‘likes’ cascading into the world perhaps mingling with mine in surprising acknowledgement as we slip past.

I matter as the wail of a child becomes the wail of a grandchild becomes the wail of a soul that sounds the same as my own. It is my own.

Because I matter.

A thousand times.

It’s a bit illogical for me to reblog this, but I just had to!

Support My Gran´s Shelter for Abandoned Pets!

Don't Abandon Your Pets in the Summer!
Don’t Abandon Your Pets in the Summer! (Photo credit: antipax)

It took a rather nasty experience to force me to re-evaluate life in general. I shall no longer dwell on the negative aspects, because this is the whole point of yet another of life´s lessons. I have been trying, to no avail, to get a point across, which is that the mind can be disciplined not to focus on the negative, but to embrace the light. Everybody has problems, to a lesser or worse extent. If you choose to dwell on them, get caught up in them, then you inexorably spiral downwards.

However, if instead you focus on the silver lining, then you can at least cope and will eventually surmount that molehill, which you thought was a mountain. I have met a number of people, who were a lot worse of than I am, but who embraced life and all its beauty. I admired them immensely for this and thought: “If only I could do this!” Only, there is no “If only…”, there is but the choice: yes or no! If by now you do not get the point, then please join Facebook or Twitter. Maybe someone over there might enlighten you.

No-one will shackle my spirit to a nightmare, when I can choose to live a wonderful dream! (Thank you, john and the Reverend) In other words, reality, such as it is, can be changed by my or your perception of it.

People have lost the dream. That is the whole problem of today, with some notable exceptions! I would like to take the time now, not to give a flower, nor a bouquet, but a whole field of daisies to my adopted Gran, Sheila Ross-Kuhn, for being the bestest, most wonderful human being that I know. If only(!!!???) her heart of gold could be sold for what it is really worth, she would be a billionaire! If there is a way, which I shall endeavour to find out, of donating a little something to her shelter for abandoned pets, which she started in memory of her beloved, deceased daughter, please do so!

Gran, don´t let your aureola sag and keep a stiff upper lip, no sobbing allowed, because these are your just desserts! I love you to bits, A big hug and a smackeroo from Lil Ralphie.