From Magnets are not attracted to copper, but incredibly strong magnets interact with copper in a pretty amazing way. If you drop a neodymium magnet down through a copper pipe it’s descent is slowed. The stronger the magnet and the thicker the pipe, the slower the fall. Take a look. This is an excellent demonstration […]

Ralphie’s Spanner.

I shall propose a theory, which will have any and every mathematician or scientist worth his or her salt wearily shaking their heads, to their detriment, of course…: I propose that straight lines are antithesis to nature and that what we perceive as such are parts of an enormously long curve, because nature can not […]

Astronomers Witness Birth of Milky Way’s Most Massive Star

From July 10, 2013 — Scientists have observed in unprecedented detail the birth of a massive star within a dark cloud core about 10,000 light years from Earth. The team used the new ALMA (Atacama Large Millimetre/submillimetre Array) telescope in Chile — the most powerful radio telescope in the world — to view the […]

That Fabulous Orion Nebula!

Look at those colours… From And what about all those stars? There could be little Joes or Janes living anywhere in there!!! Or Glurckles, maybe Strontles? My neighbour John just remarked that Orion may actually not be a nebula. He’s lying, because it’s been a while since I last cleaned my glasses and if […]

The Power of Three!

I have been struggling with the notion of an alternate arithmetic for a while now, but once again, I am stumped. Let me start simple and try to not confuse myself: One and zero are just conventions, starting from the on/off principle. There are other ways of looking at nature. How about the power of […]

New Cloaking Device Created!

Dallas scientists have created a new device, which can render objects behind it invisible, using nano carbon tubes to bend light rays. See the video! The Obama administration is planning to use this technique to hide the state of the US economy from the eyes of the world! All hail technology!! Of course, in Europe […]