Progeny by 3mmI

From Cernunnos: Progeny by 3mmI After the forces of evil had done their worst to destroy all that was good and decent in the world, and almost everything had withered and died, deep down and hidden, life did conquer darkness, for it is and always will be indomitable. (from Ralphie)

Update From Ralphie’s Portal.

Ralphie´s Portal Home to the Zany and the Wacky Dodo! © [Ralphie A Burcke and Ralphiesportal], [2011] I just now published the three thousandth post on Ralphie’s portal and I thought this merited another blog post! Some numbers today, October 15th 2013: 3.000 posts published. 3.356 comments received and given. 88.803 views according to WordPress(, […]

The Scientific Method, Example Included.

From I fucking love science: An example: 1. “I have a rock!” 2. “Why is it not yellow?” 3. “It could be a bird!” 4. *throwing the still-not-yellow rock* 5. “Well, it did fly…” 6. “It’s definitely not a banana!” Note from Ralphie: Do not practice science when hungry!

Are You Breathing? – Info.

After the storm of likes Ralphie’s Portal got for the superb picture “Are you breathing?” that I found on, I became curious as to who the artist might be. As it happens it comes from a mysterious Swiss think tank, called “Imaginary Foundation“. They decided to broadcast their ideas, using T-shirts, which is a […]

Ralphie’s Published!

Some time ago I told you that The Short Humour Site would publish an anthology with one of my stories in it. This has now happened. That anthology, People of Few Words – Volume 4, has now been published via, and a paperback copy can be obtained at: People of Few Words – […]

New Publication: The Willie Way!

Ralphie A Burcke, the Lord’s High Scribbler has just published a short story on Anybody who is interested, go to: It costs 1.99 $, but an arm or a leg will be accepted aswell! Hugs from Ralphie. Parody on Genesis, guaranteed to crack you up! The Almighty Bud first created the Prime Mates, […]

Have You Visited Ralphie Quotes Lately?

Here is the latest addition: “I had been climbing this mountain for ages. It was only when I reached the bottom that I noticed I’d been going the wrong way!” To go straight there, <click here!> Or further down here. Related articles Ralphie Quotes: Work in Progress! ( Ralphie, the Bra-supporter! ( How I got […]

Go Team, Go!

Will we round the cape of 10.000 visitors to our site today? 73 to go and counting down, the possibility exists and if not today, then certainly tomorrow! Hurrah for the Ralphie’s Portal-team! Come on, co-authors, let’s give it our best and make it happen… A little over six months ago, I was glad when […]

For Little Ralphie

“Little Ralphie” You are a bored child And a prancing devil~ You are an intimate artist ~ An aloof poet~ You are cherished and revered~ For what you are ~ And for what you are not~ You are a fool and a wise man~ You are an aristocratic ho bo~ You are an earth angel~ With sparkling […]