The Genesis of Us.

Whatever sparked the Genesis of Us, That primal kiss that brushed our lips, before the dawn of Man’s conception? Was it included in  the Father’s breath upon that humble lump of clay, the  perception perhaps of a need, even greater than survival? Could it be His hunger for poetry that initiated the thought, brought it […]

the common medlar ; forgotten sweetness… (but in my garden)

I love you, rotten, Delicious rottenness. I love to suck you out from your skins So brown and soft and coming suave, So morbid, as the Italians say. What a rare, powerful, reminiscent flavour Comes out of your falling through the stages of decay: Stream within stream. Something of the same flavour as Syracusan muscat wine […]

Do not shop while hungry !

Yup, I did it again; went shopping while hungry I even stood at the deli counter, contemplating whether or not I should buy a bit, a taste of Lebanon bologna and liverwurst, maybe a bit of strong swiss, a slice or two of dark pumpernickel a pickle from a barrel But I didn’t buy those, […]

Bent on Soaring High.

I hug your words, I stroke them gently. Like winged birds, so intently… bent on soaring high, they needs must fly, or else wither away. They’re not meant to stay, but travel where they may, ever seeking new encounters with other lonely founders… of heartfelt thought, all come to naught! Are you one, perhaps?

Hidden Treasures!

YES, Lieven is back! “The human heart has hidden treasures, In secret kept, in silence sealed;­ The thoughts, the hopes, the dreams, the pleasures, Whose charms were broken if revealed. And days may pass in gay confusion, And nights in rosy riot fly, While, lost in Fame’s or Wealth’s illusion, The memory of the Past […]

See You Anon!

A pining poem waiting to be read, A hungry poet begging to be fed. His last money spent on a new pen, The final draft approved and then… * Someone knocking at his door! Poet spills his ink upon the floor, in his haste to welcome the reader, who surely needs must be his feeder. […]

He Smote the Word…

What does a wordsmith really have to work with? Vowels, consonants and phrases and unpublished works in phases. * No lurid platitudes allowed, he has long ago since vowed… Lovingly crafted spinnings of yearning yarns, tales of a lone acrobat storming barns! * He dreams of plucking heartstrings, of visions floating on bright wings and taking […]

River of Dreams

Dreams are born in misty mountains of somnolence Trickling streams of spindled fingered silver fluid light Crystalline clear from rain and dew untainted by reality Tributaries of hope the vapoured trails flow relentlessly on Ever downwards through the haunting valleys of midnight Growing, leaping rippling, stumbling over rocks of destiny Through lush gardens of rich […]


Kamal, soon will come your soul’s creation From darkness that has ever been your home Today will mark the end of your frustration The mortal world will then be yours to roam Kamal, now is the time for your salvation Cocooned within your embryonic tomb The seismic echoes of your incarnation Are rebounding to guide […]

Is It Such a Sin?

Why do only the winged-ones hear my plea? Why do only my canine friends see? Not that I mind conversing with flowers, it whiles away most dreary hours. * But how I long for a woman’s touch. Is that really asking for too much? Or just to hug a long-lost friend, one that I’ve missed […]

The West Wind Whispered

I dreamed I was fighting for my country I dreamed of the cannon’s mighty roar A soldier boy in blue, a dream come true Defending my sweet homeland in a war I dreamed of a compound on the hillside And of a flag that fluttered in the breeze I heard myself cry as the bullets […]

Midnight Moonlight

Midnight, moonlight, lost in the black night The headless horseman is coming up the road You’re shaking, shivering, quivering in fright He might take you off to Satan’s dark abode Crouching, creeping, oppression is sweeping A grey mist encompassing everything around The sorrowful sound of a young girl weeping The manic laughter around you does […]