Where Have All The Trees gone?

They matter, first and foremost! They are the serene breath, and soulmates of us all. They should be treasured! The present smells so putrid, of death for future generations. A prison made from dreams gone sour, of concrete, steel and ugliness. The demigods and nymphs of old, have been replaced by meat, fit only for […]

The hand of Mother Nature…

The hand of Mother Nature cradles her many children in the gentlest of ways, to keep them safe from harm. Nimbly and sure-footed, across intersecting tightropes, she balances our greedy needs, against the greater good of all. Like all good mothers would, she protects her flesh and blood, who by their mindless straying would surely […]

Tick Tock.

From Lieven Grillaert: How can i tell what is in your mind, the twisting of your thoughtshas left me wandering in the darkhas left me searching for an answer its cold and lonely in the darkwhere even silence makes a soundand danger lurks around the cornerand no answers can be found so tell me please […]

News of Great Portent!

I shall spin a web of wily tales, for spiders to ponder, and mutter in wonder: “A marvel ‘t falls not asunder!” For bees to buzz around, inquisitive-like and nosy, and perhaps to drop some honey, to sweeten it even more. Fire-flies ‘ll burst into flame, at the magic of its splendour, asking themselves the […]

Cradle of Perfection.

Through the strands that connect the stars flows a sense of ripeness like old wine, a nurturing warmth that knows no harm, that flowery feeling of budding spring. Gathering lighted souls along the way, it winds forth through newborn space, and patiently, but steadfast doth create a cradle of perfection for all living beings. (by […]