Made a New Friend Today.

After a friend and I had a sneak preview of the following art auction: KunstInDeKerk.Be, we ran into a cute fellow and some pictures were taken:

*I hug him and pet him and I call him Kenny! (Gran 😉 )*


Btw: Auction is tomorrow and you can still bid on among others some Picassos!


Honey Bees In The Himalayas.

from MielHimelaya.pps via Vera

An Apis Laboriosa, the largest social bee in the world, gathers pollen on a rhododendron flower.

A gathering bee approaches a tree in bloom. The Apis Laboriosa is the main pollinnatot for the mountain flora. She has been spotted at an altitude of 4100 meters.

The Apis Laboriosa, the giant bee of the Himalayas, builds its nests on rocky outcrops of mountain sides, in proximity of a stream of water. The rates can grow to a diameter of one meter fifty.