Black Holes on Earth!

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larger animation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 ( Black holes are a tear in the fabric of space-time from which nothing escapes, not even light. They take on a mythic significance in popular culture as portals to alternate dimensions or grave threats to space travel. Astronomers are certain they exist out there in the universe, formed by the collapse of dead stars. Now, physicists have found mathematical analogs to black holes here on Earth, specifically in the southern Atlantic Ocean where eddies whirl about. Are we going to have our oceans SUCKED UP?! No. But they’ll still be pretty interesting:



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295: Parallel Universe

Image by practicalowl via Flickr

Arbiter (Halo)
Arbiter – Wikipedia

The alternate dimension my son calls reality.

In which the string theorists are having an argument with the thong theorists over who is the least right. A person, who could scientifically be categorised as a kid, was the arbiter and ruled in favor of himself! But hey, what’s in a garment?

Now, seriously folks, this is a funny story!