Russian Art.

Painting by Ilya Repin: Ilya Repin was a talented Russian painter of the Peredvizhniki School, who was held up by the Soviet government as an artist to be imitated by the new school of Socialist Realists. At the age of 22, Repin began his art career at the Imperial Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg, the same time […]

Introducing: Milladoiro!

For those of you, who do not already know them, I would like to introduce the mythical Celtic band Milladoiro from Galicia. With their guitar, violin, keyboard, percussion and gaita(= pipes) they combine the ultimate of all good things Celtic. These lads are true masters of their vocation. I had the honour and the pleasure […]

Edvard Munch murals in Oslo canteen face sell-off.

Edvard Munch was commissioned to paint the frieze in the women’s canteen of Kraft’s Oslo factory in 1920 A factory canteen in Oslo which contains murals by Norwegian painter Edvard Munch is set to be sold. Munch was commissioned to paint the frieze of 12 large paintings in 1920 and they were originally installed in […]

In Awe of the Light!

I was being driven along through the African countryside early one evening, which gave me time to enjoy the view. When dusk started to tumble from her perch, my artist’s eyes became enamored with the peculiar light of the dusk, which is decidedly different on this continent, than anywhere else I have ever been. Could […]

The Magic of Painting.

Let me take you on a journey through a fantasy land, where anything is possible, where dreams do sometimes come through, where at times hearts are broken and at other times tears of joy are wept. The creation of a work of pure, unadulterated magic, a work of art, a painting. When I am painting, […]