The Tattooed Priestess’ of Hathor.



She was known as the mother of god and the daughter of god, the eye of god, the creatrix of the rays of the sun, the embodiment of the circular essence of life. She was the Lady of the Limit or the one who spreads to the edge of the universe and the Lady of the West who welcomed souls to the afterlife. She was the goddess of fertility and assisted women in childbirth. She was Hathor the Celestial Cow whose legs formed the pillars of the sky and the Milky Way ran across her belly.

It is believed that the worship of Hathor dates to pre-dynastic times and in fact she may represent many of the earlier original female deities such as Bat, Sekhmet and others all combined into one figure. Female deities gradually became less important as complex agrarian society became predominate and the emergence of the ever increasing ownership of both goods and land exalted the male gods who represented power through physical strength. Male domination of society pushed the sacred feminine aside and began the systematic removal of the sacred feminine from virtually every religion on earth. When the gods are no longer female then human females have less power or no power, they are second to the male who is in the image of the divine but it was not always this way, once there was balance and many of the earliest deities were seen as having a dualistic nature embodying both the masculine and the feminine. The worship of Hathor paints a vivid picture of this type of transition, from the temple of the greatest god, the mother of all to the modern perception of a cult of tattooed prostitutes.

Hathor was one of the most important gods in early Egypt and she remained important up until the middle kingdom when the significance of the female gods waned and with it the role of women in the priesthood. Hathors temple may have been one of the few that allowed women to hold equal positions as men but by the new kingdom only men seem to hold the title of priest and women are reduced to the role of shemayet or musicians.

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25 Amazing Pics From Outer Space.

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A Water Reservoir

With 140 trillion times the amount of water held in the Earth’s oceans, this cloud of H2O gas is over 12 billion light years away near a black hole.


Bedtime Prayer!

Lord, I want a lot,

a whole lotta cocoa,

to dump in the Milky Way, Lord!

Could you stir it, Lord? Please…

And a very long straw,

one that reaches till my bed, Lord,

so as I can slurp and slurp

and burp and slurp some more, Lord,

uhmmmm…until I snore, please, Lord!

Astronomers Witness Birth of Milky Way’s Most Massive Star

An artist's impression of the forming massive star. (Credit: David A. Hardy/

An artist’s impression of the forming massive star. (Credit: David A. Hardy/


July 10, 2013 — Scientists have observed in unprecedented detail the birth of a massive star within a dark cloud core about 10,000 light years from Earth.

The team used the new ALMA (Atacama Large Millimetre/submillimetre Array) telescope in Chile — the most powerful radio telescope in the world — to view the stellar womb which, at 500 times the mass of the Sun and many times more luminous, is the largest ever seen in our galaxy.

The researchers say their observations — to be published in the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics — reveal how matter is being dragged into the centre of the huge gaseous cloud by the gravitational pull of the forming star — or stars — along a number of dense threads or filaments.

“The remarkable observations from ALMA allowed us to get the first really in-depth look at what was going on within this cloud,” said lead author Dr Nicolas Peretto, from Cardiff University. “We wanted to see how monster stars form and grow, and we certainly achieved our aim. One of the sources we have found is an absolute giant — the largest protostellar core ever spotted in the Milky Way!

“Even though we already believed that the region was a good candidate for being a massive star-forming cloud, we were not expecting to find such a massive embryonic star at its centre. This cloud is expected to form at least one star 100 times more massive than the Sun and up to a million times brighter. Only about one in 10,000 of all the stars in the Milky Way reach that kind of mass.”

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I Will Be.

Cosmic dust of the Andromeda Galaxy as reveale...

Cosmic dust of the Andromeda Galaxy as revealed in infrared light by the Spitzer Space Telescope. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. Time is a riddle:

About a year ago I asked myself the question: what is time? I told myself that the answer to this riddle is the key to innumerable mysteries. My subconscious has been working on this enigma ever since and I have finally seen a light at the end of the tunnel. I have come to some conclusions that befuddle me even more.

2. I am legion:

Some time ago I wrote: I am not, I never was and I will be… forever changing. I am a million persons to a million different people and more. I am a galaxy of swirling neurons, etc. in my own right. I am a purely subjective and changing perception of myself to myself. I am less than a speck of dust in relation to the enormity of the universe.

3. Relativity:

No thing is nothing and everything exists in relation to everything else. The abstract notion of 3 in a universe of 10 is not the same as 3 in a universe of 11. 3 changes all the while in relationship to an endless universe of numbers. I am a part of Andromeda, in the sense that I am an ever-changing energy being that is in physical contact with the universe, which includes Andromeda, which is also ever-changing, as is everything in between.

4. The times they are a-changing:

Everything, everywhere that was in the past is gone and will never return. It is forever being replaced by an ever-changing future. When we see a mountain, then the range that was there a hundred thousand years ago is gone forever through erosion and so forth, but so it is with everything. When we see a chair, the chair that was there a minute ago is gone to be replaced by an older chair in a newer future. This chair is also slowly decaying and undergoing any number of forces, such as gravity, magnetism, etcetera.

The present tense as we know it, the now, makes no sense either, because there is no point in time that can be caught or frozen, except in our inaccurate memories or fantasy. The only reality is change. We, and everyone and everything in the universe, are defined by our relationship to everyone and everything else in the universe, which is constantly changing. When we say that we live in the now, we are merely conscious of the changing nature of all things and are sharing in it.

5. Labels are lies:

A line is not a line, for it is a collection of dots between point A and point B that can NEVER be taken out of context of the whole and as the whole is ever-changing, the line changes with it. Remember that the places where point A and B are located in the universe are forever moving with that shifting universe. On Earth, they would move through rotation of the planet, which circles around the Sun, etcetera. And it goes even further than that. If you assume that the universe is expanding, then both points would be forever expanding with it.

Labels are an attempt to force order on the universe or to freeze-frame it and does not work. It’s like naming one grain of sand on the coast of the continent of Africa. Remember the parable about the pond forever changing with the pebble that was thrown into it? It goes further than that! The pond is a lie, a mental construct that exists only in our minds. In reality the pond is a cosmos in itself, full of living organisms and eroding walls, taking on more moisture or evaporating it all the while.

6. Jehovah:

The proper name of God in Hebrew translates into ‘I will be’ or in other words: ‘I, the whole of the universe, am forever changing’! I, the author, doubt everything but change. I have only questions and only one measly answer, which may be untrue aswell. Blessed be.


Green Northern lights?

A reflection bouncing off the sun,

of a meadow in the sky?

How quaint… Eternal hunting grounds perhaps?

Oh, I get it now.

The Milky Way with black holes

would make for a lovely spotted cow!

To solve such mysteries is too easy

for a simple soul like mine.

My secret to enlightenment is too lighten up.

What’s yours?

Hello there, Buddha, are you with me?


Once, I had a lover that twirled purple and blue in the darkness over me, he smelled of cloves and jasmine, I thought he was God. He thought I was unreachable.

Once, there was an old dizzy man who read poetry to me all night long, his hands shaking, his eyes crying.  I bowed my head; it was too rich, too rare, too much to stomach.

Once a teenage girl told me her surreptitious ugly truth, her confession repulsed me; I lost the remainder of my innocence that afternoon. 

Once I saw a young girl standing in an open upstairs window, her auburn hair blowing in the soft breeze, she held out a slender finger, a tiny bird lit there, she smiled lovingly, and I have never forgotten her face.

Once, ecstasy overcame me, my body betrayed me, my full breasts exploded and formed the milky way within my lovers eyes.

Once I kissed an angel goodnight, and morning never came, I have yet to see morning.

Cavorting Galaxies.

Same region of Milky Way: in visible light - M...

Milky Way - Wikipedia

A popular Spitzer photo of the Helix Nebula. B...
Helix Nebula – Wikipedia

The Goddess of Love touched the end of his magic wand and then, with the same finger she brushed his third eye, thereby turning his whole being into a sensitised zone. She caressed his arm. He began to quiver until she said: “Go!”

It started with a flow that turned into a rush, up and up he spiraled, turning into seas and oceans having tsunami waves of pleasure. Earth erupted molten magma and ash into the stratosphere and still on and on he traveled.

Colliding asteroids were turned into cosmic dust and were carried through the non-void by vortexes of solar winds. He knew the climax of every sentient being that ever was and ever would be. He became Creation’s need and simultaneously its fulfillment. Worlds turned into specks of invisible dust of cavorting galaxies, wrapped around their mates in celestial ecstasy. The Milky twins had their spurting Ways with him. He melted with the All and unbelieving love was his to embrace.

He tumbled back down through the illusion of matter. Falling through atoms and bombs, through neurons and trons, through blogs and fogs into the mists of beyond, to the beginning that never was, but always will be! Floating on the matrix of underlying energy that binds us all, he wondered no more, for “As above, so below, the Story is just the same!”

The Primordial Elements…

The Earth flag is not an official flag, since ...

Image via Wikipedia

The four elements, in conjunction, are necessary to give and sustain life. Every living being has all four present within itself, but one of them will always be the dominant one. The following is a summary of some of  the effects of the dominant ones on us humans.

Suggestion: Should you realise that you are hampered by an over-dominant element, foster its opposite, which also dwells within you.

1. The Original Fire(the Germ!) which is the spark that brings the idea into being(abstract).

Qualities: transforming and demanding.

Makes for inventive and passionate people who could be pioneers and leaders. If you want change, these are the ones to contact!

*The Phoenix has no fear, for it knows it shall be reborn!!!*

2. The Creating Wind(Life-giver) which breathes life into the idea(spirit).

Qualities: transporting and divine.

Makes for meticulous but fickle people who could be great thinkers and teachers. If you can not find the solution to a problem, ask them for help!

*Never fear, the wizard is here!*

3. The Moulding Earth(the Forge) which gives shape to the idea(form).

Qualities: Attracting and containing.

Makes for evaluating and clear-thinking people, who could be designers and managers. If you are looking for someone to hold things together, look no further!

*Your inner strength will see you through!*

4. The Mothering Water(the Womb) which nurtures the being to adulthood(evolution).

Qualities: Nurturing and adapting.

Makes for empathic but enigmatic people, who could be artists or care-givers. If you want a shoulder to cry on, find them!

*Water will ALWAYS find a way!*