What if Chickens Ruled? – LOL

What if one day the world were ruled by chickens, gigantic ones, who came zapping along the highway in their chicken-mobiles? And they saw some dumb human standing on the side of the road asking himself whether he should cross or not. What would they say to themselves? -> Whatever he´s thinking, I don´t give […]

Flemish Winter Stew.

Lieven‘s recipe: Feeds more or less ten people! Ingredients: 1/2 cabbage, cut into pieces 1/2 kg carrots, cut into pieces 1 kg Brussels sprouts 2 turnips, cut into pieces (optional) 2 leaks, cut into pieces 1/2 white celery, cut into pieces 2 big onions, cut into pieces 2 potatoes, cut into pieces 10 sausages or 10 […]