Cigarettes Are BAaaaadddd!!! And…? – Pause

You are one of 50,000,000 Americans who must f...

You are one of 50,000,000 Americans who must fill out an income tax return by March 15 do it now! ….{ so they can piss it away! Note from Ralphie} (Photo credit: Keijo Knutas)


I’m translating this from a post in Dutch on FB –!/photo.php?fbid=142608759209659&set=a.126167937520408.23311.100003816082021&type=1&theater:

They want to put even more gross pictures on packets of cigarettes!!!! Why not pictures of starving children on McDonald’s packaging???? Why no pictures of tortured animals on cosmetics???? Why no pictures on bottles of beer of accident fatalities, killed by drivers under the influence???? Why no pictures of money-grubbing bosses on transport company ads???? Why no pictures of power-crazed politicians on your tax returns????

There, I’m curious as to who has the nerve to like or reblog this statement!????