Reality is Relative! – Part 2

Abstract Colorful Universe Wallpaper - TTdesign

Abstract Colorful Universe Wallpaper – TTdesign (Photo credit: tomt6788)

In the labyrinth of deliberations with my zany self, I stubbed my mental toe against the following extra-credibilities:

1. It is my opinion that the ONLY surety ever is the changing nature of the universe, of only by the concept of what we call aging. Nothing ever stays the same, because it is pushed along by a force, which we’ll call time. Plus the fact that everything in the universe is interacting with everything it touches, which is only constantly changing.

2. Everything is made up of energy. What is there were two states( or more) of energy in the universe. One is high frequency, which is pure energy and the other is low-frequency, which is matter. Let’s call it base matter, but remember that it is also energy.
If we look at energy as the building blocks of the universe, then matter could be just one type of software to give form to the essence. Our reality is the way in which the software that is our mind reacts with the software of matter.

3. Now comes the tricky part! The way we perceive things is based on a conditional alliance between different frequencies of energy. Therefore, if we change the conditions, we change reality.

4. Light and also time seem to flow in a rectilinear fashion along a certain path and, we think, always in the same direction. but under a different set of conditions, it could behave differently.

5. The question is how!? one might state with a fair degree of confidence that reality is only limited by the limitations of our imagination.

Reality is Relative.

Just saw this 21/08/2013

Just saw this 21/08/2013. From How to Raise Your Vibration

My head was spinning with thoughts about the meaning of the universe and such, as it does sometimes. I am going to give you some of these jumbled-up thoughts and let you make of them what you want:

– Is light the carrier of reality? We see/perceive through light, physically and spiritually.

Each reality depends on our choice, whether to participate in it or not. Whether to shed the light of our thoughts, our attention on it? Interest = inter + esse = to be in the middle of it. (From science: the act of participation changes the outcome of an experiment!)

– The key is still TIME ! Figure out the TRUE nature of time and everything should fall into place.

– Energy in relation to time = reality. Which relation?

– Energy moving through time, moving through energy(moving through time).

– Matter is an illusion: it is a slow-moving construct of fast-moving energy.

– We die and are reborn every instant, but so does everything around us and everything interacts.

– Matter = energy – slow
– Thoughts + choice = energy – fast
– Light = energy – faster
– Time = ???

– Choice is a change [in direction of energy]=reality?
– Energy transformation through interaction with other transforming energy?

– Matter is an always transforming(from one form to another) construct of energy?

Thoughts are energy
Actions are determined by choice
choice moves [matter]=energy
Energy interacting with energy

The hole is whole.
The hole needs no repairing.
Does the shoe need repairing?
That is choice.
The shoe is irrelevant.
The reparation is irrelevant.
The choice is void!
Denounce the importance of matter.
Matter is irrelevant.

– What is the sound of one hand clapping? Whatever you choose it to be!

– Choice causes a shift of energy. If the Universal energy is constant, balance is automatically restored through relocation in space/time of energy. [= Karma]

The entire universe has changed, because I have changed. My choice changed reality.

The Reality of Magic.


Tree buddha

Tree buddha (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

We are all living a lie. The truth of the matter is upside down. What we have been led to believe is the truth is a blatant lie. It is time to expose the reality of magic. You may think that I am joking. If at the end of this article you still think so, so be it, but I am  in earnest. I shall give you a couple of examples and leave it up to you to decide what is what.

Every different kind of psychology will tell you that at the core of every human being there is a diamond that has been corrupted and smudged, if not completely hidden, by the limitations forced upon us by our society. When a child is very young, it sees every aspect of life as a miracle, but after it has been indoctrinated to disbelieve the wonder of its own eyes, the glamour fades into insignificance. Which is a crying shame, for that glamour, that way of looking at this wonderful world of ours is actually the whole truth of it.

Let us take an instance which most of us can relate to, i.e. the fact of falling in love. When you fall in love, you see that special person in his or her totality. Not the mere physical aspect, but to the core, including the soul and the spirit. You see the true potential of him or her.  Afterwards, through routine, etcetera you ´think´that this was just a dream, but actually the opposite is true. It is merely you that have fallen out of sync with the reality of that person. All you have to do to go back to that state of perception is to fall in love with them all over again.

Let us try a different example that is not interrelational. Look at a sunset. We all know the specifics of the matter. Earth turns around the Sun and so on and so forth, but if we are in sync with nature, we can experience the true miracle of each sunrise in all of its splendour. If however we are feeling out of sorts and no longer in sync, we just see a yellow blob in the sky, which is a pity.

I shall now take one of my favourite examples, which is that of a tree. When one looks at a tree, one can see many things. One might see just a lump of wood or one might see a living magical being that transforms carbide monoxide into oxygen and allows us to breathe. We could see the tree in all its magnificence and imagine the roots which are as extended as that which we see above ground.

But this is not all, our brain has been wired in such a fashion that we can only see matter in its limited form. We do not see the atoms and the swirling electrons that surround it, making the tree into a virtual universe in itself. The fact of the ´matter´is that everything which exists is alive on a higher or lower frequency in that everything is pure energy, but our brain does not allow us to see it.

I shall leave you with the notice that we can all of us truly shine and we can all of us truly notice the others shining, if we only get rid of our blinkers and shackles, forced upon us by those who would have us live a lie. More to follow.