Bonfire Night.

Bon-fire, gentle-fire, merry flames, playing cinderella games. Magick spells and souls afloat, image of the sacred goat. Moon, blood-bloated in the sky, laughing, only She knows why. Bang your sticks, beat your skins, the shredding of the veil begins. Grin and sing, dance and pray to the Mistress of the Fae. Greet your kin lost […]

Time for the Children of the Light to Embrace their Destiny!

Druids from all ages, I summon thee! The tree of life is in need of our attention. Virgins, Mothers, Crones, harken! For the midnight hour is upon us. * Children of the Vales, Wanderers of the Forests, twilight Wraiths and Leprechauns, arise! Lords of Light and Elements of Water, your songs are needed, come hither! […]

Witchy Sex

As a witch, I have to write just a little about sex, as a crone witch, I really must write about sex, it is, after all, deeply charged with magick.  (if you do it right)  There is sex, and then, there is sex with a truly sensual, earthy, “life embracing” witch.  Certain witches use their sexual powers for spell […]