Mister Big Child.

Magic Is a Child

Magic Is a Child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No, at the risk of annoying you, I shall never relent in my praise of Marlo Morgan’s book: Mutant Message Down Under. Among the many Aboriginal customs she describes there, is one where people change their names, whenever they themselves feel that they have learned an important life lesson, which therefore makes them better human beings.

To honour this custom I have decided that I shall henceforth be known as Mister Big Child, the king-less jester to a court of none, but you can call me MBC for short. I realise that I am utterly human and my faults are still legion, but my childlike wonder is still undiminished. Where I thought I had lost the capability to rejoice in the simple things that life so generously provides us with, I had merely misplaced it. Reading the above-mentioned book has restored my belief completely. My faith in the existence of magic has been revitalized and I am bubbling over with glee, simply because I am alive.

I had lost sight of the prime directive of magic: “When you ask, you shall receive what is correct for you and for the good of all living beings.” In other words, you get what you need, but not necessarily what you want, because it must be for the greater good. Karma is particular about that!

Ladies and gentlemen, I have personally lived and breathed magic, during my last years on the streets in Spain. It took a harsh school and some rather strange encounters to get me there, but I did it and I was never without what I really needed. I shall reveal to you some of the methods that I used, so that you may try them out for yourselves.

1. Ask and ye shall receive (, under the condition that you really need it!) You can ask out loud or silently, but it works even better if you visualise it and send it up to Karma, for her to deliver. However…, it is extremely important that you let go of it completely, because if you keep the desire, then there is no room for the real thing to materialise.

2. Be specific and for heaven’s sake be careful with the wording! Someone asked for an open heart, meaning empathy and such, but got surgery instead.

3. Have complete and utter faith. In fact, thank Karma or your god for what you are about to receive, before you get it, instead of afterwards. Even though giving thanks twice can never hurt. Many were the times that I worried, only to mentally kick myself afterwards for having doubted. It was only after I told myself to stop worrying, that Karma obliged.

4. Always stay positive. The more you fret, the more trouble you attract, by force of this negativity. The more upbeat you are, the more good things come to you.

5. Do not ask for luxury, for you do not ‘need’ it. Karma is not the lottery! You will not get it, period.

6. Also very important to keep in mind is the old maxim: Be careful what you wish for…

7. Constantly re-evaluate your situation and ask yourself what is important for you and for the good of all.

Thus far my humble contribution in the teachings of magic. By the way, by no means did I invent these. They came my way through sometimes unorthodox channels, from being far more enlightened than I.

I will just elaborate on this last bit. When you are open to magic, spirituality, call it what you will, then you are emitting on a certain frequency and the answers will come to you through any and all mediums at the disposal of Karma or your God. It is important to be receptive and never to give a second thought to the cover of the book, person, movie, etcetera that is sent your way.

A last severe admonishment: Do not under any circumstance wish somebody harm, for it will come back at you a hundredfold!!!

The Reality of Magic.


Tree buddha

Tree buddha (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

We are all living a lie. The truth of the matter is upside down. What we have been led to believe is the truth is a blatant lie. It is time to expose the reality of magic. You may think that I am joking. If at the end of this article you still think so, so be it, but I am  in earnest. I shall give you a couple of examples and leave it up to you to decide what is what.

Every different kind of psychology will tell you that at the core of every human being there is a diamond that has been corrupted and smudged, if not completely hidden, by the limitations forced upon us by our society. When a child is very young, it sees every aspect of life as a miracle, but after it has been indoctrinated to disbelieve the wonder of its own eyes, the glamour fades into insignificance. Which is a crying shame, for that glamour, that way of looking at this wonderful world of ours is actually the whole truth of it.

Let us take an instance which most of us can relate to, i.e. the fact of falling in love. When you fall in love, you see that special person in his or her totality. Not the mere physical aspect, but to the core, including the soul and the spirit. You see the true potential of him or her.  Afterwards, through routine, etcetera you ´think´that this was just a dream, but actually the opposite is true. It is merely you that have fallen out of sync with the reality of that person. All you have to do to go back to that state of perception is to fall in love with them all over again.

Let us try a different example that is not interrelational. Look at a sunset. We all know the specifics of the matter. Earth turns around the Sun and so on and so forth, but if we are in sync with nature, we can experience the true miracle of each sunrise in all of its splendour. If however we are feeling out of sorts and no longer in sync, we just see a yellow blob in the sky, which is a pity.

I shall now take one of my favourite examples, which is that of a tree. When one looks at a tree, one can see many things. One might see just a lump of wood or one might see a living magical being that transforms carbide monoxide into oxygen and allows us to breathe. We could see the tree in all its magnificence and imagine the roots which are as extended as that which we see above ground.

But this is not all, our brain has been wired in such a fashion that we can only see matter in its limited form. We do not see the atoms and the swirling electrons that surround it, making the tree into a virtual universe in itself. The fact of the ´matter´is that everything which exists is alive on a higher or lower frequency in that everything is pure energy, but our brain does not allow us to see it.

I shall leave you with the notice that we can all of us truly shine and we can all of us truly notice the others shining, if we only get rid of our blinkers and shackles, forced upon us by those who would have us live a lie. More to follow.

This is the Dark Time

This is the dark time,

burn the candles,

Light the fires

and wait.

The year is turning.

This is the dark time,

Time of dreams

and magic –

time to go inside

and seek the treasure

in our souls.

This is the dark time

Time of hearth and home,

And holding loved ones

In our hearts.

This is the dark time –

Mark it’s passing.

Galicia, Land of Magic!

English: Flag of Galicia Español: Bandera de G...

English: Flag of Galicia Español: Bandera de Galicia Galego: Bandeira de Galicia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finally made it to Galicia yesterday. YEAHHHHH!!!! It is sooooo beautiful, it´s indiscribable. I wish I had a camera! I shall have to start painting some day, for sure. Ooohhh, my fingers are itching for a brush and some paint. Hugs from Ralphie…

Practically Magical

We have many choices in life, we don’t think about this often, but, we truly do. From the moment we roll from bed, there are choices; diminutive details of our lives are all about our own choices, but, we fail to claim this as a truth, we fail to take personal responsibility and ownership of the details and this is how I believe that we lose touch with our personal magic.
Most of us can recall magical times in our childhoods, and we blame the loss of our childhood magic on growing up, it isn’t true, or at least it does not have to be true. We are the same souls we were then, true, our bodies have grown, and true, along with physical growth comes certain dark discoveries, our hearts do get broken, but, our spirits do not have to be slaughtered along the way. Heartbreak does not lessen ones magic unless one allows for this to happen, one must acquiesce to such a tremendous loss, and I am here to tell you, don’t do it, ~just don’t!
We can choose to be practical or magical or practically magical or we can practice practical magic. We can choose to take on a magical attitude about our life and times here on this planet. Certainly we have this choice, no one owns our thoughts as no one owns our bodies, we are each unique and we all came here to this planet with a uniquely magical purpose. When did we forget this?
This isn’t tricky, you don’t have to shove your nose into witch books and study hard, all you have to do is be flexible and free flowing for a time, just try it on for size. You don’t have to join a cult or call yourself a witch either, (contrary to the beliefs of some of my fellow human beings, you most certainly do not have to be an Atheist or practice the black arts)
Just calm down, settle in, and do not judge yourself or anyone else. Begin to appreciate what is around you, above you, below you, be grateful, flow, open up, bloom, blossom, be hopeful, be positive, dance, move, sway, get happy and settle into your happier self. You are precious magic all in your own right, you don’t have to DO anything, except notice!
For a moment, if you can, forget everyone and everything, only consider yourself as a sacred being, have no other thought. Light up, glisten, glow, and be sacred for a moment. You are worthy, blessed, complex and simple, strong, miraculous, tender, raging, blissful, amazing, and grateful. You have choices, smile, own those choices, and feel empowered.
Employ your senses, go crazy, take your shoes off today and walk in the grass or in the mud with naked, appreciative feet. Do something outrageously natural and be unashamed to behave like a child. Sit in wonder, allow yourself to be awestruck. Get goose pimples, it is OK to be scared, don’t freeze up; empowerment can be a frightening thing if it is new and awkward for you. This is normal, smile and enjoy the sensations.
If it is possible, make love today, sexuality is a most powerful life force, if this is not physically possible, create art, this is making love… in its own way, this is pure magic and yet another very spiritual life giving act. Project magic with your mind, your body, your spirit, do not be afraid, it’s free, you do not have to have money to be magical! Inhale, exhale….and do it with intention and you are magical!
Dress for magic, wear something that moves as you move, we weave magic as we pass by in flowing clothing, it never hurts to use everything that you can to create your magical ways.

Say something kind to someone, anyone, this is magic, watch their face change, watch their energy rearrange itself, you are a magician. You have powers that you don’t harness, don’t you see? Just give away some kindness, this isn’t a dark art, this is a holy act, pure, selfless, and nurturing. Be kind. Plant roots of kindness, they will grow to bless you.
Embrace your practical magic, walk with it, sleep with it, wake with it. You will be happier and freer for it. Blessed Be!

This Silly Game.

English: Shaker pale on window sill


Penta, five, a gram of lore,
was worth so much more before!
Biped twins with orange fins,
for the lucky one who wins!
But one spell, wrongly spoken,
could leave one well-broken!
One hair, two nails or some blood,
mixed in with an ounce of mud…
will transmute toad into King!
Tap-tapping my Shaman’s ring,
I wait for translucent dawn,
as a deer does on her fawn!
Fiery cold makes me bold.
‘t Was born afore I grew old!
It warms the sacred Runes,
born on young Eden’s dunes.
Too late now, the dice are thrown,
I muttered, with a moan…
The Fates fly where they will,
from my humble window-sill.
To divine where they will land,
takes more than sleight of hand!
The bond is forged in mind
and always repays in kind!
Would that I had kept my tongue,
I’ll beget what I have sung!
Old irony is grinning,
forever she is winning!
The maw gapes and takes its toll.
Hungry, it swallows me whole!
Gone I am and forgotten,
as apples, when they’re rotten!
With only myself to blame,
for playing this silly game…

I am a witch and I believe in magic.

I am a witch and I believe in magic.

This is at the heart of my being.   What does it mean?   When Sheila invited me to write with her on here, I was excited but cautious.  Many years ago I had defined myself as a  solitary witch.  Since then I have happily walked my own road,  secure in my own magical world, performing my own personal rituals and making my own private obeisances.  I have never explained my spirituality to anyone.  Having publicly  (if anonymously) declared myself a witch, I found myself wanting to explore what I actually meant by this.  Was I really a witch?  Do I really believe in magic?


I started  (as is my way!)  with the dictionary.  I have a strong belief in the power of language.  I looked up the word witch.

“Witch – a woman thought to have evil magic powers.”

I did not like this but decided to pursue it anyway.  To me – a large part of being a witch is looking clearly at things and being honest with my Self.  The word evil bothered me.  I looked that up next.

“Evil – profoundly immoral and wicked”

I was still unsatisfied so I looked up moral  (this looking up is going on for a while, but there is a point to it!)

“Moral – concerned with the principals of right and wrong behaviour –based on what is considered right or acceptable in a particular society”

This felt better – in our society it is considered acceptable to exploit other people, hurt animals, worship money and possessions, go to war.  I do indeed decide for myself what is right and wrong and my decisions are often at variance with “what is considered right or acceptable in a particular society”


So far – so good.  I went on to look up magic.

“Magic – the power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces”

Just to be absolutely clear – here are two more dictionary definitions –

“Mysterious – difficult or impossible to understand.”

“Supernatural – attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding”

The word wicked, I already knew, has it’s roots in the word wicca.  I was proud to be wicked.

These definitions all fit me perfectly.  So as far as the dictionary goes, I am fully entitled to say that I am a witch and I believe in magic.

I would like to write some more about magic.  Scientific understanding is a good thing but is, despite the prevailing wisdom, extremely sketchy, and over time has repeatedly been forced to admit itself wrong.  The earth is not flat.  The atom is not the smallest building block  in the universe.  Matter contains energy.

Life comes out of death – this is now a scientifically held view.  We are all parts of a whole – again this is current scientific belief.   One thing leads to another – all of our actions have repercussions.  We are only beginning to recognise the truth of this and we still don’t understand the extent of it.

A scientist called Backster took some cells from the mouth of a world war two navy veteran.  He put them in a room seven miles away and connected them to a polygraph, which measures the cells ability to conduct electricity.  He connected the veteran to another polygraph and showed him video footage of battle in the pacific.  Stress causes activity on the polygraph.  On this occasion the polygraph, viewed on simultaneous video pick up, “jumped” at the same time on both polygraphs.

To my mind this experiment is an example of someones thoughts and emotions having a physical effect on matter that is miles away.    Witches have always known that this is possible.  This I call magic.

For me, being a  witch is about taking part in transformation.  Both of my self, and the universe.  Witch is the same thing really.  It is about awareness,  cause and effect.  I engage in rituals which I believe make a difference.  These are not superficial, staged performances, but deeply thought out, strongly felt acts of  integrity and magic.

I am a witch and I believe in magic.

Magick Musings.

from wallpapers-diq.com

For the umpteenth time: Anything and everything that is, always was and always will be, IN ONE FORM OR ANOTHER! Our bodies shall return to dust or feed the worms and little creepy crawlies and our spirits shall rejoin the All. Every nook and cranny of the universe is made up of energy, which we can see or not, which we can feel or not and which we can measure or not(yet).

We are really very limited creatures in our perceptions, in that we are carbon-based, biped, air-breathing beings that have been cursed or blessed with an earthly body. What we perceive would be non-sensical to a tripod, silicon-based, amonia-breathing creature and what if we did not need a body to drag along with on our daily ventures? BUT…, we are evolving, slowly, in that our consciousness is gradually expanding and interconnecting on a collective level.

Magick can not create something out of nothing for the simple reason that nothing is nowhere to be found. Again I reiterate, God or The Universe does not have holes in him or it. I for one, firmly denounce the concept of zero! Now, please don’t tell me that you agree, because that would make life so very boring. I am quite secure in my weird, goofy zaniness, thank you very much. So what is magick then? Magick to me is the utter embrace of life in all its beauty and the belief in the power of thought.

Thought invokes willpower, with which we change (so-called) reality every single instant of every single day by our interaction with the world around us. But we can only work with what is there and nudge it slightly towards the direction in which we would like it to flow. By the mere fact of our being and emitting willpower, we attract what we need. There is no coincidence. Everything happens for a reason, although I’ll be buggered and turned into a purple-beaked tadpole if I can discern the reason for it all!

Does there have to be a reason for everything though? Isn’t just being here enough? Experiencing all the beauty and wonder of the wide, wild universe and skinny-dipping in a sea of love should be enough for anyone. You have to remember it is there, that is the only premise. Shake off the white noise and turn a blind eye to the clutter of your own ego’s making and you will be surprised at what is there, for all to see.

When I was living on the street, I met several interesting individuals, with whom I had many a conversation on the very strange happenings that seemed to occur every day and on a regular basis. We all came to the same conclusion, namely that what was happening could no longer be attributed to coincidence. You need something, you visualise it, you let it go by sending it out into the non-void and hey presto, it would appear. If it didn’t, you’d forgotten to let go(very important!)

Only money was tiresome and did not behave as would other basic wants such as food, drink and shelter. Although we always seemed to somehow attract enough to provide for our daily needs. It is my belief that this occurred because money is an abstract and rather silly concept dreamt up by some demented ancestor, who had no realisation of the harm it would incur.

You see, money has no intrinsic value whatsoever. It is an agreement between two parties, nothing more. And if one party does not hold up his end of the bargain, through greed or envy, then you get situations like we have today, where the self-choosen few have everything and most have bugger all.

We were all taught that opposites attract, were we not? I think that a second Einstein will have to come along to disabuse us of this misconception. Or maybe someone already has and I just haven’t been in touch with the latest updates. Certainly on a spiritual level this does not hold true, for likes attract, definitely! Which is why more and more people are starting to expand their consciousness and finding each other, through this medium of internet on the one hand, but more importantly because our energies are connecting with each other on a global level, in other words, our collective understanding is growing.

East is meeting West and both are benefiting from the encounter. In our unravelling material society, there are thankfully those who place spiritual well-being before worldly possessions and our numbers are expanding exponentially. Blessed be, as Gran or Polly would say! Enough disjointed rambling from Ralphie for now. Embrace the light, go forth and make merry, my friends!


The Witch In Every Woman

“There is a little witch is every woman” No truer words were ever spoken. We are all daughters of the moon, born of fire, water, earth, air, and spirit.  We are sister witches one and all.  A woman is magickal by her natural design. We are intuitive, courageous, powerful beings.  We are the seductive temptresses, the givers of life, the healers, the Mother Goddesses, the enchantresses, the wise ones.  We are beautiful and homely magicians, sorceresses, see-ers, and holy women. We mold, we bend, we shape, we twist, we turn, we create realities, we are in concert with the moon, the tides, the raging wind, the gentle brook, the hearth fire, the watchful crow. We build up worlds and we destroy worlds. We are potent brewers, bakers, and candle stick makers. We are delicious, delightful, spiral dancers. We inspire art, literature, life. We enslave, we free. We cast magickal spells unaware, we are great, empowered sources of life’s eternal stream of lore and wisdom.

Every wife, mother, career woman, every teenage girl (scrubbed in sunshine) every nerdy grad student,  every church pianist, every nurse, every athlete, every cheerleader, every writer, every doctor, every lawyer, every hotel maid, every cow girl,  every prison cook, every store clerk, every seamstress, every bag lady, every stay at home mom, every Catholic nun, every sunday school teacher, every soldier, every wife, every crafts-woman, all of us, every “bad girl” and every “good girl” (we are all a little of both) ….has a percentage of pure and mighty witch within her being.  Some live the part, while others dabble, (like a certain American politician) but we all are witches.

I have yet to meet one woman who did not wield her own brand of sorcery. Did you ever see a mother instantly quiet her ill-behaved toddler with a raised eyebrow, (that is a spell, my love) Did you ever gaze deeply into a mans eyes and when you released your gaze, he had fallen madly in love with you? (this “romance thing” is 100 % magick!)  Did you ever pay one thousand dollars of monthly expenses with half that amount of money, again, this is witchcraft, in this crones opinion, at least. No matter if you call it “prayer” or  the casting of “a spell” (only words) Women often get what they need through “casting” their sacred energy. The peaceful contented home is cast by a good witches magic, the life long, loving relationship is a “moment by moment” magickal effort.  As women, we stir our own cauldrons, we fly our own brooms, we must become ever vigilant and steadfastly empowered. We must boldly claim our rightful titles as maidens, mothers and crones. “An it harm none, So Mote It Be”

All along the watchtower – Bob Dylan.

From Rishabh Agarwal’s Gallery on Picasa

There must be some way out of here, said the joker to the thief,
Theres too much confusion, I cant get no relief.
Businessmen, they drink my wine, plowmen dig my earth,
None of them along the line know what any of it is worth.

No reason to get excited, the thief, he kindly spoke,
There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke.
But you and i, weve been through that, and this is not our fate,
So let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late.

All along the watchtower, princes kept the view
While all the women came and went, barefoot servants, too.

Outside in the distance a wildcat did growl,
Two riders were approaching, the wind began to howl