Silvery Majesty.

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Staring in you beauteous eyes,
I sometimes spy an older you,
in a mellow future dream,
of utter trust and silent understanding.

A vision of silvery majesty,
luxuriating in spent urgency,
as need blossoms into sharing,
along ages of lilting laughter.

A lake filled with tears of joy,
to relax our still-smiling bones in,
with the beat of our contented hearts
singing lullabies to one another.



The Sacred Trust – Video(Edited).

I’m a bit shaky as this is the first time I’ve ever done anything like it and I have terminal stage fright, even when home alone in front of my pc. But here goes:

~Love Incantation for 2013~


015Gaze into the dark of night
Hold a golden candle’s light
Now close your eyes in silent prayer
That love will find you anywhere

Do no harm, and feel no doubt
That never will you live without
By earth, by air, by water, fire and spirit
Be open to love and do not fear it!

PS….Replace my photo with yours of course~

Love, with error bars

You heartbreaker, you! I’m all teary-eyed now…


Dear St. Valentine

May I call you St.? Are you at all related to Sesame St.?


I was planning to buy ten roses for the price of a small bungalow, but I got distracted and spent all of my money on anchovies. Will these do instead? I’ve made little cherub wings for them out of toilet paper and suspended them from a wire coat hanger. They look a bit like huge flies. Should I put glitter on them, or would that be weird?

I made a card to go with the anchovies. It says: “I love you more today than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow and a bit more than next Tuesday; probably about the same as that day last week when you made me beans on toast” but I realised that this would be better expressed with some sort of line graph. Then I got worried…

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