Before Night Falls.

Fall Foliage

Fall Foliage (Photo credit: jdn)

Before night falls,
before the end of day,
oh, my dear Lord,
please listen to my prayer!

Tomorrow is another day.
I must go, I can not stay.
Oh, my dear Lord,
please show me the way!

I will follow the morning star.
Never fear, go back nor cry.
Oh, my dear Lord,
I will follow the morning star.

Forgive me, my dear Lord,
for these days just passing by.
It is not easy to find new passion,
when you leave your love behind.

By Wolf, Avignon 2004.

Just a Kiss.

Passion flower

Passion flower (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

“‘t Was just an innocent kiss.” she said. The brush of her lips, which breathed new hope into the husk of my battered soul. “Just a peck.” she said. A mere speck of dust on the mantle of her kindness, perhaps?

Meanwhile, I’m struggling, wrestling and keeping a strangle-hold on my too eager hope that would go down yet another lane, leading nowhere. Passion’s fire sputters and dies, through lack of oxygen, leaving me confused and distraught, thinking: Just another sunrise, on winter’s shortest day!

Ever-ready numbness comes back to stay. Its familiar embrace returning my inner landscape to its former desolate state. Mirthless laughter escapes my blue lips. A monotonous line rides on the empty merry-go-round of my mind:

“‘t Was just another kiss!”


P.S.: Not to worry. Just a memory!

The Onset!


Candles (Photo credit: magnuscanis)

See the light of that candle’s flame,
With the faintly sputtering wick…
Why? Cause its very soul is sick.
No, it will never be the same!

Once its fire, it shone so bright,
but now it’s given up the fight.
Wax is melted, no substance left.
And who’s to blame for this foul theft?

The advancing host of the dark.
Who’ve come to brand us with their mark.
The mark of gore and guts and blood,
They’re unstoppable, like a flood.

A cruel tidal wave of have,
They have decreed shall be our fate.
The light of peace, it is no more.
From now on, there is only war.

The Lord have mercy on us all,
for those of us about to fall.
Innocent, guilty: all the same!
There’s no more hope now for this flame.