Om Mani Padme Hung Mandala Thangka.


Thangkas are portable paintings of Buddhist deities. Traditionally mounted in a brocade fabric, they are rolled up and taken along on journeys. Each Thangka we sell is hand painted in Kathmandu Nepal by a Tibetan artisan who has studied for years with master thangka painters. Wonna buy? See the link!


Some College Humor.

complete idiots!

complete idiots! (Photo credit: lib_rachel)

  • As a homeless Jewish person, I have mixed emotions when people throw change at me.
  • In the United Kingdom, people sext each other with carrier pigeons, just cause.
  • I bought a book titled, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Being a Complete Idiot. I read it while I’m rollerblading on my treadmill.
  • “I’m meditating my balls off, man.” -The Dalai Lama #famousquotes
  • So a woman drives into a bar…