My Good Deed for the Day.

I don’t believe that I shall have to point the scientists in the right direction yet again… What are these guys with their rulers and brains to spare up to all day long? I will give them a way to give us all free lighting and I shall start my solution with those immortal words […]

Reality is Relative.

My head was spinning with thoughts about the meaning of the universe and such, as it does sometimes. I am going to give you some of these jumbled-up thoughts and let you make of them what you want: – Is light the carrier of reality? We see/perceive through light, physically and spiritually. Each reality depends […]

A Love-Light.

I’d like to be a quantum man, a human being squared, an entity of so-much-more-then, an element of sorts. I’d consort with sprites and faeries and I’d travel on the winds. Water-whispers ‘d hold no secrets from yours truly in spirit form. I’d listen to a seed grow and scratch a mountain’s itch. Transporting to […]


I see the Light and reach out. It fades. My wanting forming the clouds. How to escape desire? That splinter in my soul… is wood, from a tree, life-giving. It’s growing, sap flowing, roots forming, budding leaves, that soak up the Light: breathing particles, expanding waves… meet other trees, celebrating life, connecting, sharing, transforming darkness […]

Stick to the Quick!

Could you stick to the quick, reveal what makes you tick? You talk of the weather, out there on the heather!? But what does love taste like? Did your brain go on strike? What’s the sound of your pain? You stay mute, what’s to gain? Does your soul not recall, its flight before the fall? Start […]