Second Liebster Blog Award.

For the second time since its august inception in the early sixteen hundreds, this blog has been lucky(or perhaps charmed) enough to be granted this award by one of our peers. I hear you mutter: “Sixteen hundreds????” Yes, dear readers, it is a proven fact that my ancestors were blogging on bog-paper long before the internet reared its technological head. Sadly, most records of this have been lost due to hygienic necessity.

I am certain that the granting of said accolade is entirely due to the influx of new blood on ralphiesportal. New blood, who by their endeavours have brought us to the notice of the general public at long last. That this feat was helped by a little  magic, is neither here nor there. I shall now proceed to enumerate the five lucky winners of this German bestowal, namely:

Now, there only remains for me to effusively thank the  donator of the second honouring of our site, the magnanimous, the ever-present, the non-elusive:

P.S.: It is only lack of time and an extreme case of laziness, which prohibits me from listing all the wonderful blogs that I absolutely love, here on our very own Wordpres!


Liebster Blog Award.

I am tickled pink and titillated to receive the Liebster Blog Award and appreciate this popular surprise. I want to thank Lindy Lee from the Poetic Licensee site, for this gift. She is a truly witty writer and I always look forward to her posts.

Liebster translates as “favourite” or “dearest” in German. It’s an award that’s meant to be passed along to bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. The purpose is to help give us new kids on the block a bit of a nudge in the way of followers and fans. Continue reading