Fair Is Fowl!

There is this bird I know:
Coocroo, the rebel crow.
He’s the white sheep of the family.
He’s hang out with robins and happily!

He’s even been seen, ou there on the green
chatting with a bat, imagine that!
Coocroo’s evident lack of decorum
was much deplored by the clan’s forum.

But the rebel didn’t give a hoot,
except when  talking to an owl
or some other indecent fowl,
whilst grinning merrily to boot!

But the very final straw
was when a passerby saw
rebel Coocroo havin’  a laugh,
tellin’ a joke to a giraffe!

The elders almost fell off their perch
and sent the miscreant off to church
to teach him better behaviour,
but he was seen as the Saviour!

You see, the paster there was bored
and he’d made a deal with the Lord,
to crown the next to come as The Son
and what d’ya know, Coocroo had won!


To Ralphie FreeHeart

I am meat,

You are bones

When I am full

Your belly groans

Have some heart

No please, have two

Have some bread

And, birdseed  too

Tell a joke before I cry

Make me laugh

before I die

You are a bird

Without a cage

Kept away now

From your stage

I grieve for you,

You silly man

Please fly back

When you can

I’ll think of you

How could I not?

I light the candle 

I guard the pot

You haunt my dreams

Ralphie Dear

Let the ‘morrow

Find you here 

Where are you now?

As night creeps in?

Would conforming

Be such a sin?

Do not listen to me,

I know not what I say

If I could, I would put a rock on your heart

and make you stay!

Funny, funnier, funniest!

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I just read a story about “Why English teachers retire early.” on the Experience Project. These are said to be similes committed by high school students. I haven’t laughed so good and so long in ages. I thought that I would share it with you all, here is the link:  Click!

For anyone who loves a good laugh!!!