Starting the WordPress Idiot Club!


stupidity (Photo credit: KairosOfTyre)

I plead guilty, ladies and gentlemen, it’s not that I’m terminally stupid, but certain things are and always will be beyond me…

For example, try as I may, I will NEVER understand women! I’ve talked with them at length, I’ve lived with some and I’ve slept with some, but I do not comprehend certain peculiarities that they persist in. For example, if I see my girlfriend with a dishevelled hairdo, tears running down her cheeks and sobbing her cotton socks off, I tend to think that maybe something might be wrong with her. But upon inquiry, I steadfastly get a negative answer and when I want to leave it at that, she gets upset!  For why?

But these are trifling matters. I will also never fathom why some people drink tea instead of coffee? Or that yucky Pepsi instead of Coca-Cola? And sacrilege of sacrileges, why some people drink decaffeinated coffee? Or alcohol-free beer? The ludicrous insensibility of it! You see , I was thinking of an example to compare to about how silly this is and my mind is a blank, which proves once and for all that I am for all intents and purposes: an idiot!

The same goes for when I’m in an argument, my mind goes: “——————————————–” or if you will “zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”. But the moment that my adversary leaves, this blasted space between my ears starts spouting the most brilliant retorts known to man(slight exaggeration perhaps!), when it’s too friggin’ late! Once I actually ran after the bugger, but the second I caught up with him, my cerebrum went into stupid-mode again. At times I feel like tearing all my hair out by the roots, for frustration.

And another thing: those books for dummies are too difficult! My ineptness is too great for me to understand them. I have stupid questions, which these people have never thought of! I have invented ways of fouling up, messing up and fucking things up that may well be extra-terrestrial! Perhaps I am  indeed a Master of Stupidity! Stupid, stupider, stupidest, Ralphie.

Anyways, upon reading certain blogs here on WordPress, I have spied with my little eye, things that made me remark: “I could have done that! I’m definitely silly enough to think or try that!” and so on. In short, I have spied a kindredness of stupidity that has touched my heart, in many bloggers(blonde or otherwise!) on this platform. It is for this reason that I invite all of you who think that you also fit into this category to join this club and share some delicious anecdotes with your fellow-dimwits.


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I just started WordPress Anonymous! Anybody wonna join?

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Blogging is fun no doubt about it.  And WordPress makes it more fun with all the cool stuff that you can do with your blog.  The possibilities are endless. You can write about whatever you want, be as open or anonymous as you want, change your name, make yourself a super hero, chat with people from countries whose name you can;t pronounce, make friends with amazing people whom you probably never would even have bumped into in a crowded anywhere….endless…

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Meet Yohdi!

Using infrared images from NASA's Spitzer Spac...


Yohdi looked through slatted eyes at the mighty oak, standing forlorn and alone on top of the hill. He marvelled at the bright swirling kaleidoscope of its aura. Yes, he thought, this one would definitely do! He traipsed up the hill on his leather sandals and took of his shirt. After kicking off his footwear, he sat cross-legged, with his back against the enormous trunk, between two of its roots. He centered himself in eternal love and let his being expand, initially riding on the columns of energy that spiralled up off the tree, into the air. From his vantage point, somewhere in the stratosphere, he linked up with green patch after green patch, slowly enveloping the Earth. Glowing dots began to appear here and there, kindred souls seeking contact. He embraced them and together they searched for more. One after the other they found, down valleys and over high mountain tops. Deep under the sea, the higher mammals heard the call and joyfully they joined in the dance and in the song. All as one now, they started to pulse like a gigantic lit up Christmas tree.

Time to initiate the new generation, thought Yohdi, advising his brethren and sisters of their sacred task. Their mantle of love, that was spread over the entire surface of the planet, sought out the souls that were ripe for the next stage of their journey. Tenderly they drew the unexperienced into their midst. Their message to them was simple: observe, feel the love and remember! For the next calling, you will be able to arise on your own. The newcomers were amazed and humble in their gratitude for witnessing the coming of age of at least a portion of humankind. More will follow, Yohdi thought-transferred, ever more. When you go back, seek out your spirit siblings and nurture those that are apt and willing. Spread the word of love and teach by example. The New Age has begun!

Everyone descended again to live their lives in peace. Yohdi thanked the mighty oak, put on his sandals and his shirt and went his merry way, whistling a lively tune. Look out for him, for he´s ever looking for new recruits, his sign: the colours of the rainbow.