Breakthrough Israeli ‘Wrapping Paper’ Will Make Bones Heal Faster And Better

From “Break a leg” may be what people say when they want to wish someone luck, but breaking a leg is more than bad luck. That is especially true for elderly people, who’s weaker bones often lead to severe fractures and complications. Thanks to the Israeli company Regenecure, that may no longer be the […]

International Peace Project in the Middle East.

Heard in the Gregg Braden video and Googled: Ralphie: “Mr. Braden spoke about a study, where people, who had been specially trained in transcendental meditation created a feeling in their hearts as if peace in the Middle East was already a fact and the reality changed in such a way that hostilities virtually stopped for […]

Empathy, a Blessing and a Curse.

Empathy: a Blessing and a Curse. Empathy: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. While it may be beneficial to have the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, it can be invasive if it comes on a willy-nilly basis. Learning to properly deal with these invasive onslaughts is a must, […]

Have You Ever Seen What Was Not There?

I am an oilpainter and have taken private courses with several good artists. One of them, a friend of mine from Israel called Joshua Front, is so good that one day when I was looking at a sketch of his, I could actually see what he had intended to portray or in other words, what […]