Snippets From a Forgotten War.

Picture a down and out man called Antonio sitting in front of a bank in Alicante, Spain on a cold December night. He’s smoking a roll-up, waiting to bed down inside, after most people have withdrawn cash for a good night’s partying. A second guy shows up and asks if he can sit down next to […]

Please, WordPress, These People Need Help!!!

By: TigerLillyxxx On Experience Project: TO ALL : EMERGENCY 1) Many people are trapped in high rises. No food, water, and heat. Extraction teams need to deploy NOW. 2) New York needs WATER. 6 to 10 Semi loads of water ASAP. This info comes from contacts of friends who have been called pleading for this help. […]

The Power of Three!

I have been struggling with the notion of an alternate arithmetic for a while now, but once again, I am stumped. Let me start simple and try to not confuse myself: One and zero are just conventions, starting from the on/off principle. There are other ways of looking at nature. How about the power of […]