Every Cancer Can Be Cured In Weeks!

From naturalcuresnotmedicine.com: This is what the owner of this video had to say about it: “I can attest, personally, to everything Dr Coldwell says, because I have, in recent weeks, cured myself of an “orchitis” which, whilst not officially being a cancer, is as close as I would ever want to get. Google it, so […]

Is Google jumping the shark?

This pisses Ralphie off big style! From http://sethgodin.typepad.com: Ron Howard explained that while they were shooting the notorious episode where Fonzie jumped the shark, he knew the show had turned a corner. In the case of Happy Days, the corner was the chasing of ratings at the cost of integrity. In the case of corporations, […]

Give Nature a Helping Hand!

From I fucking love science The Yellow Pages use no virgin paper in the production of their directories, but to produce and deliver 540 million a year requires immense amounts of water and uses immense amounts of energy and fuel. If you need the YP, keep it! But if you’re among the 70% polled who […]

Let’s Get Up to 50.000 Visits!

Work with me, People! These are the WordPress stats for Ralphie’s Portal so far: 48,507 views all-time Totals, Followers & Shares Content 1,913 Posts 2,667 Comments Taxonomies 27 Categories 5,104 Tags Followers (includes Publicize) 274 Blog 33 Comments 23 Twitter 34 Facebook

Wonna Have Some Automated Speech Fun?

This was sent to me by a friend of mine. It’s cute to try the demo and should you wish, you can get a 15 day free trial to create your own automated messages with virtual characters to enhance your site! <Click here!> to use the demo, where you choose the language, the character(male or […]