A Granny and Poppa Story

Poppa has fallen asleep in his chair. Gran has made cupcakes, he ate two, and then, he passed out. He is across the room snoring now, it sounds kind of nice to me.  Poppa is a good man, really, he is decent, he is decent in this old-fashioned kind of way that makes me smile. Even after three decades of marriage, I […]

Present from Lieven 11.

Lieven Grillaertsays: August 22, 2011 at 9:03 PM One day, ‘Ill kill you for talking to me……..and obvious bringing these things alive…. In cheerful faith that fears no ill The good man doth the world begin; And dreams that all without shall still Reflect the trusting soul within. Warm with the noble vows of youth, Hallowing […]