U.S., Wake Up!!!

From I fucking love science: Congratulations to Germany for breaking their own record last month in harnessing solar energy! By the end of 2012, Germany was ranked #1 for solar energy production per capita at 400 MW per million people while the United States was ranked #20 with only 25 MW per million people. The […]

Your Yearly Dementia Test! – LOL

From  deleted on Experience Project: It’s that time of year to take  our annual senior Citizen test. Exercise of the brain is  as important as exercise of The muscles. As we grow older,  it’s important to keep Mentally alert. If you don’t use it,  you lose it! Below is a very private way to gauge your loss […]

Next Messiah German or Dutch?

Read all about it! The Christmas star was witnessed by millions and even recorded on video and pictures for all posterity. Why the second coming has decided to wear clogs is a mystery though(or possibly lederhosen). Asses flocked out in droves to watch this amazing spectacle and a stable has been prepared, just in case! […]