For My Friend: Paul Davenport.

If you wish to know the real me,
you should see me with my friends,
my family, my brothers from the street,
those who have seen it all,
and still came out laughing!

Yes, you, you do not see me or them,
you judge, you ignore, you do not know,
what went on before.

My friend Paul, who is no more,
who planted forests in his days,
who had property in Belize,
was found dead and took away,
for stinking up the neighbourhood.

Why did he drink, you ask yourself,
as did I, who drank aswell…
Well, not until my lady died,
did I understand, what he was about.

I came told him the news,
and he hugged me, as friends do,
and told me: “It will pass!”
Then my friend, whom I thought I knew,
told me a snippet of his tale:

“It happened to me aswell, and more than once,
my friend, five times was I to be wed,
and five times they were lost,
to me, the world and their family.”

I queried: “How in the world do you endure?”
He answered: “One day at a time, me boy!”

And now, my friend, dear Paul, he is no more.
No more kind words from his smiling face,
but Paul, you still are here,
for not in a zillion years shall you be forgotten!


Visitors Tomorrow!

1004993_599883146738010_1924202073_nOnce upon a time there was a homeless guy in Spain and two dear people took pity on him and took him into their holiday apartment for a couple of nights and they stayed friends over the internet. They had been on vacation and, of course, went home afterwards.

About a year later the homeless guy returned home and got his life more or less sorted out, but this was in a different country than the couple. Some time went by and then, all of a sudden, the young lady of the couple suggested they come to meet him again.

And tomorrow is the day that I meet my dear friends Agnes and Rick again. And there’s more, I can invite them into my humble abode and offer them coffee, this time. We shall make a big day of it and merriment shall be had all round. Yippie, my friends are coming over and I can’t wait to see them. Love you guys!



It was truly a wonderful day and I was soo happy to meet my friends again. We visited the city and went to the Christmas market and they invited me for lunch, which was yummy! I have promised to paint their portrait for them and will certainly keep that promise. Thanks for the visit, Agnes and Rick!


Ralphie will understand…

They meet after months and yet
The time melts away
And they are back in the swing
Ready to banter and bait
To play off one against the other
Of easy laughter and witty repartee
Easy smiles and quick jabs
To while away to hours
And drink in life again
As they do, as old friends do
With relish and a tall tale or two


Message from Lieven.


Friends (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To Ralphie….

Long is the road to reach a friend
when you live far away.
But even though I’m miles away

I’m thinking of you today. …

I hope that you are happy
And I am thinking of you.
Our friendship is so precious
Friends like you are few.

Love you, Bro!

Animal Friendship. – Pause.

Near Hudson Lake in Manitoba, German wildlife photographer
Norbert Rosing spotted a polar bear coming near his sled dogs.

He took pictures of what he thought would be the end of his dogs. Apparently the bear came back every night for a week to play with the dogs.

From Buckle up, Bitches


Fourth Anniversary for Lieven and Leentje Today!

Four years ago to the day my good friend and co-author here on the portal married his lovely then fiancée Leentje, whom I have also known for years. I wish them all the best and many happy returns. Do they not make for a handsome and well-met couple?

From Lieven.

His present for Leentje:

From Lieven!


Message From Lieven!

English: Pater Lieven Wit, Belgian Abbey beer

English: Pater Lieven Wit, Belgian Abbey beer (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Hihi!

Friends come and go,
but with a precious few you should hold on.
Work hard to bridge the gaps in geography and lifestyle,
because the older you get,
the more you need the people
who knew you when you were young.


Skyline of Fuengirola

Skyline of Fuengirola (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At the border in Ceuta, my pal was told that his visa had expired and that he had to go back to where he lives to get a police report. My passport had already been stamped by then, so I went on alone, figuring that I would make it back somehow.

After two hours of begging outside a supermarket, I´d made about two Euros. I thought to myself that it might take me a week to get the money for the ferry ticket together, if things went on in this vein. Time for some magic! I sent out a request into the ether, saying that I needed a miracle, not a big one, a tiny one would do and left it up to Karma to take care of business.

And lo and behold, about half an hour later a young man squatted down next to me and asked what trouble I was in. I told him the truth, without asking for anything and he offered to pay for my ticket. I asked him if he were an angel. This made him laugh, but then… maybe he was!?

I made it to Spain the same day and started off on foot. I was hitchhiking next to a billboard at the entrance to the freeway, when I saw a hearse approaching. I put down my thumb immediately, for I wasn´t ready for that ride just yet! As nobody gave me a ride, I headed back into town around two o´clock in the morning and slept in a bank.

The next morning I was just able to afford a bus ticket to Estepona, which was not even halfway towards my destination. Having spent an uncomfortable night on the floor, I fell asleep on the bus and missed my stop. As luck would have it, I woke up in Fuengirola, which was right where I wanted to be. 😉 The bus had been chocker and the driver didn´t even notice, bless his tartan cotton socks!

I´d made the whole trip back in just under twenty-five hours. There I was, back on those streets, which I know like my back pocket. Actually, better than that, for my back pocket and I are not on speaking terms! As a matter of fact, my back pocket can kiss my arse! My friends were all happy to see me and some of them even jumped for joy, which warmed my heart.

What more does one need, hey? I have wonderful friends all over the world, I´m in reasonably good health… well, I could think of a very long list of things that I could do with, to tell you the truth! I´ll just say that I live in hope and leave it at that, shall I!?

There was even some idiot here, who had spread the rumour that I had died in Estepona, where I haven´t been in three years… I´ve always wanted to say that the reports of my demise were greatly exaggerated and now I have! Hihihi!! Toodeloo, gang.