I’ve Been Around the Block a Couple of Times! :-) – LOL

Emily and Ralphie on Facebook: 6 hours ago Hello..how re u doing Fine thanks, yourself? cool .. how was the weather over there with u I’m Emili by name Wintry, Emily Ok can u tell me where re u from and some one suggest u for me to add u as my friend Peter “Friend” […]

‘Britain’s Atlantis’ found at bottom of North sea.

From dailymail.co.uk: huge undersea world swallowed by the sea in 6500BC Divers have found traces of ancient land swallowed by waves 8500 years ago Doggerland once stretched from Scotland to Denmark Rivers seen underwater by seismic scans Britain was not an island – and area under North Sea was roamed by mammoths and other giant […]

Who needs streetlights?

From digitaltrends.com: Who needs streetlights when you’ve got glow-in-the-dark streets? Remember those glow-in-the-dark stars you stuck on your ceiling as a kid? The ones that you could shine a light on for a second to make them glow brighter? Well, a UK company called Pro-Teq is now using that same technology to provide a low-cost […]

A Father’s Reprimand. – Pause

From Upworthy.com: A Father Reprimands His Homophobic Child In This Beautiful Letter               I’m not sharing this because I think this letter is fantastic (even though it is). This letter really illustrates that prejudice isn’t always something that is learned from your parents. Dear Christine: I’m disappointed in you as a daughter. You’re correct that […]

Cancer Cure: Cannabis!

DEA: stick this in your pipe and DON’T forget to smoke it! Peace, Bros. From Brave Mykayla: Here is another success story from a family (now dear friends) that contacted me! Silas’s Momma is actually one of Mykayla’s fairy god parents from our fairy god parent drive last November/December She followed us here… and found […]

Got Plastic? How Trashing the Planet Destroys Animal Life

By Akanksha from The Flaming Vegan.com: The wonderful tales of Mother Nature are best told with the sounds of the ocean waves and the innocent sounds of birds. Little do we know that for every picture we steal from these beautiful places we leave plastic pieces of ourselves in these places; unknowingly these little pieces when […]

Give Nature a Helping Hand!

From I fucking love science The Yellow Pages use no virgin paper in the production of their directories, but to produce and deliver 540 million a year requires immense amounts of water and uses immense amounts of energy and fuel. If you need the YP, keep it! But if you’re among the 70% polled who […]

Art Helps Children!

I have a ceramicist friend on Facebook, called Didier Gesqueire, who has started an initiative to help children with cancer. Any artist wishing to contribute can send one or more works of art to this man, after which the works are auctioned off and the whole proceeds go to the Belgian Children’s Cancer Fund(Kinderkankerfonds). He […]

A Thousand Times.

From geetar39 on Experience project. A thousand ‘likes’. A thousand comments. A thousand tweets of the same breakfast while we marvel at coincidence. Because I matter. Following you following me a thousand times for a thousand disciples; the next more important than the last. A favorite book/song/quote/movie/character/dog leading them to me a thousand times. Because […]

Let’s Get Up to 50.000 Visits!

Work with me, People! These are the WordPress stats for Ralphie’s Portal so far: 48,507 views all-time Totals, Followers & Shares Content 1,913 Posts 2,667 Comments Taxonomies 27 Categories 5,104 Tags Followers (includes Publicize) 274 Blog 33 Comments 23 Twitter 34 Facebook

Support My Gran´s Shelter for Abandoned Pets!

Don’t Abandon Your Pets in the Summer! (Photo credit: antipax) It took a rather nasty experience to force me to re-evaluate life in general. I shall no longer dwell on the negative aspects, because this is the whole point of yet another of life´s lessons. I have been trying, to no avail, to get a […]

Facebook tests ‘pay to promote post’ tool! – LOL

From BBC Technology. <Click Here!> to read more. Facebook has started testing a system that lets users pay to highlight or promote posts. By paying a small fee users can ensure that information they post on the social network is more visible to friends, family and colleagues. The tests are being carried out among the […]

Kreativ Blogger Awards

This new year of 2012 has started off in an auspicious way! Let me count our blessings, if you will indulge me. First of all, there are six of us here at the present, who complement each other wonderfully and harmoniously, which in and of itself is enough to keep on blogging like happy chappies […]