A Destined Encounter.

Coincidence does not exist. Not in my book! Yesterday, a couple came to see me, on the street that is my present home, to have a chat about this and about that. And chat we did, about lots of things, which led to them inviting me to sleep in their flat. Just like that! These […]

Mars Yamalov – Violinist!

I heard this guy live in a fleamarket in Zaragosa and his music brought tears to my eyes! MARS YAMALOV Violinista Solista, Profesor Titulado de Violin, Músico de Cámara Actualmente durante 10 años reside en Zaragoza (España), donde forma parte de la agrupación de Música de Cámara, que se llama “Grupo ARYADA” y realizando con este grupo múltiples conciertos por el territorio nacional, ampliando su repertorio con los mejores ejemplos de cultura musical clásica y popular del país. 1988 […]

Grunts from the Pub.

When I think of all the years I wasted in school learning the fair English language, I could cry. I hear you asking, for why? Because it’s totally unnecessary, that’s why! Vocabulary is highly overrated, I tell ye! I just got back from the pub. I’ll tell you what I witnessed there and if at […]