More Aboriginal Art.

From Aboriginal Desert ART Centre: We’d like to show you a piece painted for us in 2010 by Emily Pwerle on her home community of Utopia. With very little exposure to the ways of the ‘white fella’ Emily began to paint in 2004 with the encouragement of her family, including her late and world renown […]

Beauty Everywhere!

Mister Peter Scharpach of the site brought these wonders to my attention: Exquisite photography by Diane Paquin Photographe: Along one of Diane’s pictures were these words, which I thought a wonderful poem, but are actually the lyrics to a song(Youtube link) by LOREENA McKENNIT: The Mystic’s Dream… A clouded dream on an earthly night Hangs upon the crescent […]

The Bubble That Was Me…

The bubble-that-was-me burst, each particle of me carried off by another sentient being, but… with my consciousness intact. Now I live in many spaces, and on as many planes, living countless lives at once, feeling all the love of each. Dreaming all their dreams, but remembering mine own. Wondering if this were permanent, but absolutely […]

Feet-lickingly Scrumptuous!

Well, this was certainly a first in Ralphie’s life! Have you ever been awakened by something or somebody licking your feet? I have, this morning! I was right in the middle of dreaming a now forgotten dream of astounding inconsequentiality, when the realisation pierced the wall of my fuzziness that something strange was going on […]

A Ray of hope!

Here I am, alone, in the clouds, floating on doubts, shivering with fright, of being rejected for being me, simple, trusting, loving me… stupid me? For believing in a dream…? I suppose it could be, some day, somewhere, some when? This is not rain, these are my tears, slipping away, falling, tumbling… But I forget […]