Souls…. In Literature and In Life

Not always, but habitually I can see straight through most pretenders.  I can’t read palms or look into your eyes and tell you all about your future, but, simply give me some time alone with your words, in person or in print and in a brief while, I will see your heart.  I’m not talking […]

Of Hills and Valleys…

Let me lift up a tip of Ralphie’s veil and show you my magic. I shall take you on a trip along the valleys and the hills of a landscape, sculpted for the sole purpose of an exchange of energy, the one commonly known as Love. We shall travel this land together, you, my yet […]

Evolution of the Site!

There used to be just me(Ralphie) on this site, bringing you my humorouus Tittbits, but I must say it got a bit lonely on my lonesome. Fortunately though, I happen to have some awesome friends, who one by one agreed to join me and together we strive to make this site a place that people […]