The Gunfighter – Joke

From Rapolis on Experience Project : A young cowboy sitting in a saloon one Saturday night recognized  an  elderly man standing at the bar who, in his day, had been the fastest gun in the West. The  cowboy took a place next to the  old-timer, bought him a drink  and told him of his great ambition to […]

A bartender sees a cowboy out the window – Joke

From A bartender is washing a glass and looking out the window of his saloon, when he sees a cowboy tying off his horse and notices him go round to the business end of his horse, lift the tail and kiss the horses asshole. He then goes into the saloon and asks for whiskey […]

I Just Found Out I’m A lesbian! – Joke

from Littlemisssomebody on Experience Project.   An old cowboy named Marty sat down at the Starbucks and ordered a cup of coffee.  As he sat sipping his coffee, a young woman sat down next to him..  She turned to Marty and asked, ‘Are you a real cowboy?’  He replied, ‘Well, I’ve spent my whole life […]