The Secret!

Grandma Burcke did whisper to her seven daughters

a mighty secret known only to some quaint farmer folk,

not to be repeated to none other but their own true kin.

‘t Was a wizardry of wondiferous proportions,

a sacred, saucy spell of perma-transmution of…

how to turn a lowly, common slice of meat and grease

into a crispery feat of great delight to taste and sight,

fit only to be served to those one truly, truly loved:

that of their daily bacon!


Fruit Cakes – LOL – Pause

English: A neatly decorated Christmas cake.

English: A neatly decorated Christmas cake. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Brenda Lewis Chaney

 I don’t want much for Christmas,
I just want the person reading this to be happy.
Friends and family are the fruit cake of life –

some nutty, some soaked in alcohol, some sweet –

but mix them together and they’re my friends and family.
Love them all!
Send this to all your fruit cakes

Happy Thanksgiving! – Recipe.

Once again this year, I’ve had requests for my Vodka Christmas Cake recipe so here goes. Please keep in your files as I am beginning to get tired of typing this up every year! (Made mine this morning!!!!) 1 cup sugar, 1 tsp. baking powder, 1 cup water, 1 tsp. salt , 1 cup brown sugar, Lemon juice, 4 large eggs, Nuts, 1…bottle Vodka, 2 cups dried fruit.

Sample a cup of Vodka to check quality. Take a large bowl, check the Vodka again to be sure it is of the highest quality then Repeat. Turn on the electric mixer. Beat one cup of butter in a large fluffy bowl. Add 1 teaspoon of sugar. Beat again. At this point, it is best to make sure the Vodka is still OK. Try another cup just in case.

Turn off the mixerer thingy. Break 2 eegs and add to the bowl and chuck in the cup of dried fruit. Pick the fruit up off the floor, wash it and put it in the bowl a piece at a time trying to count it. Mix on the turner. If the fried druit getas stuck in the beaterers, just pry it loose with a drewscriver Sample the Vodka to test for tonsisticity. Next, sift 2 cups of salt, or something. Check the Vodka.

Now shit shift the lemon juice and strain your nuts. Add one table. Add a spoon of sugar, or somefink. Whatever you can find. Greash the oven. Turn the cake tin 360 degrees and try not to fall over. Don’t forget to beat off the turner. Finally, throw the bowl through the window. Finish the Vodka and wipe the counter with the cat. 🙂:-)


Mouthwatering Mushroom Croustades With Sweet Red Pepper Sauce

From The Flaming Vegan

Oh, the benefits of recycling! I discovered this recipe in an old magazine recently whilst having a clear-out, so I am re-using it here, just as I have recycled the magazine! I have adapted it and cooked it for dinner tonight, and it is dee-lish-us, and doesn’t take too long. These crusty veg delights are  ideal for lunch or a light supper, and you could add different combinations of vegetables for the filling. I think that these croustades would also be good to serve on Bonfire Night, as an alternative to, or alongside, jacket potatoes.

Ingredients (Serves 4 )

  4 round crusty bread rolls

6 tbsp olive oil

1 clove garlic, peeled and crushed

Salt and pepper to taste

4 cups of mixed mushrooms, eg oyster, chestnut, button, etc

1 red pepper, seeded and thinly sliced

½ cup rocket /aragula leaves

For sauce: 3 red peppers + a pinch of sugar

To serve: mixed leafy salad tossed in wholegrain mustard dressing

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Quesadillas de Veganara

English: Vegan Pumpkin Seed-Crusted Lentil Pat...

English: Vegan Pumpkin Seed-Crusted Lentil Patties with Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Salad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Arriba! If you like Mexican/spicy food, you will love my vegan take on the classic bean and cheese quesadillas! They are delicious, quick and easy and not mouth-scorchingly hot, merely pleasantly spiced. You can use either wheat or corn tortillas and also add chopped onions, as well as the garlic. You could also substitute mushrooms in place of the vegan meat. There are a lot of variations to the fillings, it all depends on personal preferences, but this is my favourite, as it is one of the most simple, with not too many ingredients.

Ingredients (Makes 8, when sliced)

1 tbsp vegetable oil

7 oz/200 g vegan bacon or ham, chopped

2 mild green chili peppers, sliced into rings

1 clove garlic, minced

1 tbsp tomato paste

1 (14 oz/400 g) can red kidney beans, rinsed and drained

Salt, to taste

Cayenne pepper, to taste

4 flour tortillas

1 small cup/100 g shredded vegan cheese (cheddar-style works best)


1) Preheat the oven to 400ºF(or 200ºC/Gas Mark 6). Line a baking tray with foil or parchment.

2) Heat the oil in a skillet; add the vegan bacon, chilies and garlic and fry until the bacon is cooked through. Stir in the tomato paste and 3-4 tablespoons of water; add the beans and simmer, stirring, for 2-3 minutes. Season with the salt and pepper.

3) Spread the bean mixture onto the tortillas, top with vegan cheese and fold in half.

4) Place on the baking sheet lined with parchment and bake until golden-brown, around 10 minutes.  Slice into halves and serve with a green salad and fries, as a meal