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016028133All of you here at the portal probably know by now that our fearless leader “Ralphie” has faced many challenges while living on the streets for the better part of the last eight years. If you do not know, please read his literary offerings in “Streetlife” featured in the menu at the top of the homepage here.

My husband and I, our friends and our family are currently delighting in his company until March 11, 2013, (as long as we legally can do so on a visitors visa) We are richly blessed by his warmth, his kindness, his brilliant wit, his spirituality, his earnestness, his wisdom, his personal grace and his optimism. We are concerned however that he must leave in March and as far as we know, he must return to the streets. This causes us great concern of course for to know Ralphie is to love him, he’s the real deal folks. So I am making a plea that if anyone (in Spain, he will arrive at Barcelona airport 3/11/13) or ANYWHERE ELSE that he can access transportation to, he is open minded you know…knows of available employment, (he’s brilliant and adaptable to nearly any situation) or can offer temporary housing, or has a need for a caring, honest, trustworthy, kind, sober and sane house-sitter, animal companion, (he’s wildly popular with our rescue animals and personal pets) or property management or any other position that includes temporary lodging and some type of modest wage for his simple living expenses please speak up! Ralphie speaks six languages too and he has loads of clerical work experience! If you can help our Ralphie PLEASE notify him here asap.

I am also pleased to tell you that since Ralphie arrived on December 13th, he has gained 11 pounds! He’s looking wonderful!!

Just remember that anyone can suffer losses and tragedies and miscalculations that could land us on the street just like our dear Ralphie. Please get the word out to people that you know and perhaps if we all lift him up with love and care and prayer, he can get back on his feet soon.

~Holiday Wishes~

140I wish we weren’t frightened of getting through the night
I wish we didn’t know what we know tonight

I wish that we could have stayed as pure as we were then
I wish our hearts were lighter and love was ’round the bend

I wish there was a lullaby that would sing our souls to sleep
I wish there was a wizard to bless us souls that weep

I wish that things were easier and life was always kind
I wish that there was hope to satisfy the mind

I wish that there was peace in every scary place
I wish that there was healing for every worried face

I wish there was compassion and mercy knew no end
I wish there was forgiveness for every former friend

Embrace The Witch

"witches broom"

Embrace the Witch

She is real and warm


Her pots bubble before dawn


She is intimate in charming ways


She has ripened beneath sun, wind, clouds


She cares for tender things


She croons the rampant babes; she holds the frail hands of the dying


She binds, bends, splits, weaves, blesses, conserves


Her hands bleed, she digs, she plants, she gathers


She prays, her incantations sincere and just


She dances beneath silver moons, her feet bare, her heart surging


She helps, heals, shelters, encourages,


She feels, she sees, she knows


She is merry, with well-lit eyes


She is devoted, loyal, discrete

Friend, Sister

She walks in truth; head high, intent, purposeful


She is never bored, boredom is but bitter bane


She is good-woman, wise-woman, crone-woman, beloved woman


She gives good gifts, time and nurture

Charity, Mercy

She is forthright, honest, and fair


She is matron, mother, and crone