What Tim Says is Stupid! – Pause

  From Dalai Lama:   “We can make this a more peaceful century if we cherish non-violence and concern for others’ well-being. It is possible. If the individual is happier, his or her family is happier; if families are happy, neighbourhoods and nations will be happy. By transforming ourselves we can change our human way […]

Pull Down The Ivory Towers

From The Flaming Vegan: I know  that this is a depressing subject for a blog but there has been a lot in the news lately about  the poaching of wild animals so I felt moved by my anger and sadness to write about it. The news items lately have mainly featured  the  spate of killing by […]

China, Hands Off Tibet!

A billion people, who think they are morally and culturally superior to everybody else, should be considered a global menace. For whatever happens to what they perceive as the ‘Untermensch‘ is of no consequence to them. Add to that several trillion Yuan and you have a recipe for disaster. A prime example of their mentality […]

People’s Republic of China Abolishes Green Tea!

Gleaned from the Beijinxed Gazette: China abolishes green tea for its counter-revolutionary hue. Considered bad news by the U.S. tea party! All green vegetables under glass-house arrest! Green movement to hold global protests! And on a lighter note: Chinese tomatoes make spectacular come-back! Chinese virgins massively buy cherry tomatoes, for popping purposes! Bologna awarded “Friend […]