Sister Hearts

Circle `Round the bon fire heat~ Merry Part and Merry Meet~ Fetch the loaves and stir the brew~ Clutch the witch that stands by you~` Kick up your heels and stomp your boots~~ Burn the herbs, and boil the roots~ Light your candles, sisters dear~ Linking arms and chanting  clear~ Goddess! Goddess!  Shine your light!~ […]

“The Feast Of The Bride” “The Bringer of Light” The Poets, “Beloved Brigid”

THE EXALTED ONE …woman of wisdom…a goddess whom poets adored…— Cormac’s Glossary   We witches will celebrate our sacred Sabbat soon. “Candlemass” or “Imbolc” known in early days as “The Feast of the Bride” will dawn upon our eager hearts on February second. The Celts loved and cherished their beloved Goddess Brigid so enthusiastically, that she was eventually Christianized as […]